Frisky ponies!

Tanta’s new winter blankie got here yesterday. And just in time, It’s been getting cold at night! She looks so very sweet in it, and it fits her great! And (most importantly) it’s been keeping her warm and cozy☺️ So far this year the weather here has been pretty amazing. I mean, it’s been cold,... Continue Reading →


Not too much has been going on this week... except for my very exciting news; Tanta moved over to our house a couple days ago from my coaches place next door!! She is now fully weaned from Raven, they were very slowly and gradually separated at my coaches place. They both seemed very chill about... Continue Reading →

Update on my Rasty…

I haven’t done any updates on Rasty in quite awhile... unfortunately he is still lame😥 After This update    He went back to the vet, he got more injections (this time a narvicular bursa injection and also osphos...) as well as other stuff (nerve blocks, flections, lameness sensors etc.) for a little while he was actually looking... Continue Reading →

The 12 questions bookish tag!

Hello!! Ok. I know I’ve not been on top of my posting... but I’m back now!! (For how long nobody knows🙁) but I hope to work out some sort of at least semi-consistent schedule for posting!! Anyways; Today I’m doing the 12 questions bookish tag which Maren@poniesandpotter tagged me for!! Thanks Maren! Now onto the tag;   1.... Continue Reading →

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