I’m getting a puppy!!

Hiiiiii!!!! As you probably guessed by the title of this post, I’m getting a puppy!!!!!! I am very excited ☺️ He gets to come home in about 3 weeks. Here are some pics of him. (WARNING: WAY TOO CUTE) So, as you can see, he is a VERY cute puppy! He is very friendly and... Continue Reading →

Our dressage tests…

Soooo  our tests were.... interesting... let’s just say that day two was better. Merlin is the kind of horse that gets really attached to his neighbors when away, if they leave he sometimes tries to jump out. Luckily he could not jump out of the stalls at this show and he did not even try... Continue Reading →

All the times I’ve fallen off…😬

Hello! Today I’m going to tell you about all the times I’ve fallen off... I’ve fallen off 5 times in total. Actually I’ve fallen off WAY more than that... when me and my sister were little we used to ride our (very large) mini horse... we rarely got through a ride without one or both... Continue Reading →

Getting show ready…

Hello! As you probably guessed by the title of this post, I’m  leaving for a horse show tomorrow.   And right now I’m avoiding packing my things... I’ve been doing all the usual pre-show preparations, Merlin had a bath. My tack has been cleaned* which it realllly needed...😶   I’ve packed all of Merlin’s  (and Rasty’s... Continue Reading →

Rasty update…

Hi everyone! If you’ve read my Last post, you’ll know that Rasty has been having some soundness troubles 😕 our vet came out to look at him a couple days ago and confirmed what we thought; with the shoes on he looks a tad better than he did right before he got them BUT much worse... Continue Reading →

Meet my horses!

  Today I’m going to tell you a bit about my amazing horses!! Here are some pictures of Rasty; This is my horse Rasty! He is a 15 year old quarter horse Arabian. I’ve had him for almost four years now😄 he is a very skilled escape artist and has to have three locks on... Continue Reading →

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