Recent happenings

oooooppppsss…. I forgot to blog!

Tanta’s nose lump is all better! I did have a whole post outlining everything that happened with that, but it was soooo long and sorta boring and it happened so long ago. I decided to forgo it and instead do a more generalized post about more recent happening. the short version of the nose lump story is; her old nose lump (tooth related) flared up in November, we put her on antibiotics and within a couple weeks it cleared up!


We then had a few wonderful weeks where I could actually ride my horse. It was splendid. But now poor Tanta’s stifle is sore. boo.

Just over 2 weeks ago now, when it first showed, it was really bad. Poor Tanta was uncomfortable with me just doing up the leg strap on her blanket. I’m not sure what happened, maybe she slipped in the paddock… She got bute and the week off. I tried riding her lightly after one week. There was definite improvement, she didn’t mind me touching her stifle, but unfortunately she was still felt stiff/stabby behind and reluctant to go forward. I just rode her enough to asses that and then hopped off. another week off and liniment, and I tried riding her again yesterday. She felt better than she did a week ago, but still not 100%. We just walked around a little bit. She seems to be on the mend though, so that’s good! hopefully its not too long till she’s back in action.


I am sad, I really wanted to do May as Well Events’ most recent blog hop! but I CANNOT get the backup computer with the old pictures to turn on… 😦

Cutest little Lilliput pony


Maren already blogged about the ridiculous winter storm we had here a couple nights ago. Seven trees came down. SEVEN. Plus 4 tree tops snapped off. ugh.


❤ ❤

I actually think that’s it… I havent been doing much riding as of late, although Maren did let me ride Ollie once! He’s such a good boy. I will try to update my poor neglected blog more often!!



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