Farrier visit and tooth update!

Tanta has been on the antibiotics and bute for almost 5 days now, and unfortunately her tooth is looking the same. The vet prescribed 10 days of bute and antibiotics, so we will see how she is after that, but it’s looking like she will need her tooth pulled. The farrier came today, and I had him pull her shoes for the winter. I was originally planning on getting one more set, specifically so she wouldn’t be foot sore on the hunt (it can be pretty rocky in places), but seeming as I’m not riding her right now and the chances of us actually going in the hunt are pretty slim, it would most likely be a waste of money to get them on only for the hunt. this way we are getting them off before the ground gets too hard/frozen, so it’s easier on her feet anyway. But it is  disappointed because this means we definitely won’t be going in the hunt. but I can still have fun spectating!


the weather has been sort of crazy… it went from being pretty warm to super cold and frosty really suddenly!! We have been having record braking cold days for this time of year. Last week was the coldest day here, on that date, in over 100 years! Haha. I actually really love the weather, because it’s cold (it was -1 when I went out to the barn the other morning!) but still sunny. Unfortunately the forecast for this week shows warmer and wetter weather…


Boo. I really don’t like the rain.

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