About Me


16 year old Quarter horse/Arabian gelding.

Almost 5 years ago I got my first horse, Rasty.


We experimented with a little of everything, from western flat classes at local shows to eventing.


The western classes actually turned out surprisingly well. Apparently western judges love Rasty… one even wanted to buy him!! (Rasty was bred to be a western pony I believe. But he was NOT for sale) The eventing, on the other hand, did not go so well. We did OK in dressage, but both of us were absolutely terrified of the XC jumps. We got eliminated on fence 4. After that I lost my confidence over fences a bit, so we pretty much switched entirely over to dressage. We really did have fun with the dressage though! In early 2017 Rasty went lame for a while (6 months) but got better with stall rest and then really slow rehab. All was fine untill early 2018 when he went lame again. Same leg. We got multiple vets to look at him, and he had lots of X-Rays and ultrasounds, nerve blocks and injections, and a bunch of other stuff. Unfortunately nothing made him sound, or even told us what exactly the problem was. He is now basically retired, although he can still (and enjoys to) be ridden at the walk!





12 year old Canadian mare.

I have known Tanta for a very long time, but she just recently became mine. I have actually known her for longer than I have known Rasty! She Used to belong to my coach, and I had a few lessons on her. Then my coach started riding her more and going to shows and Tanta didn’t have time for lessons. At this point I was just getting Rasty so I was happy. (But I did miss riding my favourite mare❤️)

Little me and Tanta!❤️

fast forward awhile, past my failed attemp at eventing with Rasty, there was a 3 day event coming up. Coach was talking to me one day and she was like “if someone wanted to take Tanta they could” and I was like “ME!!!” So that’s how I started riding Tanta again! That was in 2017. My coach had a new horse, so I pretty much had Tanta to myself. We went to a couple events that year and had so much fun. Tanta is THE BEST confidence builder. EVER.


Then coach decided that she would like to breed Tanta. So for awhile Tanta could not ride/show. But now that Raven is weaned and Tanta is living with me, we plan to event in 2019!! I cannot wait😁