Window shopping/wish list!

I have not been riding as much lately, and I have had some extra time to do some (dangerous) window shopping. This has already led me to purchase some cross country boots for Tanta and a new show jacket… (both of which I got on really good sales!!😉) Here is a list of things I have restrained from instantly purchasing. How long I will be able to hold out though? I am unsure.

Motion Lite Competition Jacket


I mean… it’s amazing!!! I am sure this would be fantastic for some of the shows in the summer! And I just love this color. It would look so lovely with Tanta. But this color is called purple? It looks more burgundy to me… I would be slightly worried that it might be more purple in person? I have only seen this color in pictures. Not that I don’t love purple… but that might be a little too bright/colorfull for me as a show coat… and I um, just bought a show coat. So this is really completely NOT necessary… but STILL.


FITS full seat riding breaches


I have a pair of these exact breeches already!! They are my old XC ones and I love them very much. However, now that they are literally being held together with hot glue it seems like it might be time for a replacement. And I know, hot glue is probably not the best way to repair breeches, but um… I was late for a lesson!!


long sleeved purple shirt


For XC!! The only issue is that I am having trouble finding one to buy! I think maybe EIS doesn’t make this color anymore? It’s not on their website anyway. I’ve heard really good things about the Kastel Denmark shirts (but never owned one!), and they DO have a dark purple one. But I’m not a fan of the lighter purple mesh. Haha…


Nunn Finer Soft Grip Reins in PURPLE


I mean, the Nunn Finer Soft Grip reins are my all time FAVOURITES!!!!! and when I realized they came in PURPLE!!!!!?? For XC!!!!! Yes please! The only problem? The leather on the purple ones only comes in BROWN!!! *crying* but I am determined. Perhaps I could dye the leather bits black?


Purple XC ecogold saddle pad


More purple!! I need a saddle pad for XC that has some grip, as saddle pads have a tendency to slip around on tanta. Especially when she has her summer coat and is galloping! And I actually don’t have a grippy saddle pad. So this item is sort of needed? Don’t want my pony’s saddle pad getting all bunched up…😄


quick knot braid thingys


These look pretty awesome. I don’t love the look of elastic bands, but I am too lazy to sew in braids. I did it once (Never again…). So these seem perfect! But I am hesitate to purchase the Quick Knots as they are not cheap. Everyone who I have seen use these have really nice tidy looking braids (Although I have only seen photos. Not IRL). there is also the very real possibility that they are just better braiders than I am! I also wonder about the re-use ability? I have heard people say you can re-use them but I have also heard the opposite… hmmm.


Yikes! That’s it I think. Oh and Tanta needs wants a black jump bridle and breastplate. She has neither… yet. The ones pictured above belonged to my coach! And a white jump saddle pad… although I have not found any particular ones that I am in love with yet! (Phew? Haha.)

what about everyone else? Anything in particular you have been eyeing?

Tanta’s X-Rays!

The vet came out yesterday to X-Ray Tanta. this was our first time meeting this vet, but I really liked her! (in this post I will call her Dr. M and our regular vet Dr. C… otherwise this will get confusing real quick! lol) She seemed very thorough and informative. we first explained what had been going on for Tanta, and then we trotted her on the driveway. I got Maren to trot her so I could watch her go as well, and she actually looked a lot better than the last time I trotted her, about a week ago. we then trotted her on the lunge line both directions and she still looked pretty good! not 100% sound, (same on the driveway) but a lot better. this was very encouraging! I haven’t really been trotting her, as Dr. C had advised against that, because we were not sure what was bothering her.

Dr. M said she would normally consider a nerve block, but Tanta wasn’t lame enough to necessarily tell anything from that! which I was honestly pretty happy about.  we moved onto the X-Rays. we did quite a few views of the right front… and they were pretty clear!! the sesamoids look FINE!!!!! *phew* and the lump looked like… nothing on the X-Ray, so it is not in fact “a bony Lump”. The only thing that showed on the X-Ray was a little bit of arthritic changes in her coffin joint, but that is nothing unusual for a horse Tanta’s age and it wasn’t anything extreme. Dr. M doubted that was the cause. so what was the cause of the lameness? we are not 100% sure. Dr. M’s guess was maybe soft tissue injury, and the lump is scar tissue, or maybe Tanta bonked herself and because she does have some arthritic changes, bonking herself could potentially make her go a bit lame…

we also had Dr. M X-Ray the lump on Tanta’s nose. and she thought it looked good!! although she did say that face radiographs are the hardest to read, and she would show it to someone else in her clinic to be sure! it sure did look confusing!

sleepy Tanta ❤

so the plan is this

week 1: stall rest but she can have access to 1/2 of a run out. (need to go put a board in the middle tomorrow!! or more accurately; have to get dad to do that tomorrow!) she can also hand walk for 5 mins a day.

week 2 : same as above, but hand walks can now be 10 mins instead of 5.

week 3: Tanta can have a stall and a whole run out! hand walks can be 15 mins.

week 4: Same as above, but hand walks can now be 20 mins

week 5: if all is going well and Tanta is *cross fingers* sound, I can start riding her on her walks. they can be 20 mins (ish) still.

week 6: same as above but walks can increase to 25 mins… this is exciting stuff!

weeks 7-10 as shown in the chart below. I get to add trot and canter in if she is all good still!!


so yeah! that’s the plan… we will unfortunately miss all the schooling shows I was planning… I’m feeling pretty bummed about that. but I am so relived that Tanta should be feeling better soon! annnnddd we should ready to go for the first event in May! so that’s a plus.


I took Rasty on a bareback trail ride today… he was feeling fresh! there were multiple times on our ride I wished I’d had a saddle on! in the driveway, he actually tried to play buck.  he only actually put his head between his knees and gave a small hop, but if I hadn’t pulled his head up… Rasty never bucks! lol. then I trotted him and Maren watched. I like to see how he’s doing lameness wise when I take him out, although he is always pretty much the same… he felt pretty dang fantastic! not completely sound or anything… but better than he’s felt in a long time. he was also sooo hyper on the trail! he was spooking at everything that he normally does not bat an eye at. last time Dr. C was here, she suggested putting Rasty on the same thyroid medicine as Tanta and Lilliput are on, to help control his weight. I’m wondering if that is making him fresh. but he certainly felt good! so when we got back home I hopped off and asked Maren to trot him so I could watch him go. she did, and he looked quite terrible. not worse than normal, but definitely not how I thought he felt when I was riding him! I do find it hard to compare how lame a horse is riding vs. watching from the ground… but this was fairly extreme difference to how he felt. so I hopped back on and trotted him for Maren to see. then I hopped back off and trotted his with me leading. strangely enough, he is way sounder when I am on him… that’s a little weird isn’t it?? I have never heard of a horse being sounder under saddle than when in hand… huh! I will have to research that! 🙂


Look what arrived!!




my new helmet!!!

screenshot (10)

the Back on Track EQ3 helmet! I LOVE this helmet! I have been very intrigued by the whole MIPS thing, (you can read more about that here if you want) and I love that it is sparkly while still being pretty subtle. and it’s very comfortable! I was terrified that it wouldn’t fit as this is the first time I have ordered a helmet online, but I followed the instructions on the website for measuring my head, and luckily it is a perfect fit! I cant wait to ride in it!!

and look what else is on its way!!

I can’t resist a good sale. especially when its something I’ve been wanting for awhile…

screenshot (9)
(insert heart eyes here)

hehe. The Majyc Equipe Color Elite XC boots!!  Tanta will look so good in these!! they just shipped earlier today… I cant wait for them to arrive! I’ve heard great things about these, and (let’s be honest, the real reason I bought them;) they come in purple! PURPLE!!!!!! not enough things come in purple…


oh and a little update on the Tantasaurus; we have found a vet to come out next Tuesday. Which is great, but also sort of bad timing as we are supposed to be away doing a belated Christmas thing with some of my aunts. so we will have to figure something out there. we are still contacting other vets to see if anyone can come sooner, but if not we’ll get her looked at next Tuesday… *cross fingers that Tanta is okay and will be feeling better soon!!!*




Quick Tanta update.

Tanta is still on stall rest. She was really hating being stuck in a stall, so we borrowed three round pen panels from my coach, and assembled those outside to form a stall sized pen for Tanta in the day. We put it at the bottom of Lilliput’s run out, where there is already a gate. 4BFD048B-5E27-4DDC-9416-C5C99551E2D2.jpeg

I should have just gotten an actual picture… but I didn’t think of that and now it’s dark out. Basically, the red lines are the panels, the pink lines Lilliput’s run out, the green lines the horse paddock fence, and the yellow line is the gate. She can now sniff noses with all her friends, and she is a lot happier. The lump on her leg has almost doubled in size, which is really concerning me. She needs x rays, but we are having a difficult time finding a vet to come out. There is no equine vet where we live, but a few visit routinely. Unfortunately our regular vet (who looked at Tanta about a week ago) does not have an x-ray machine… we tried another vet who has looked at our horses in the past, but he is not scheduled to visit until the end on January, and I’m not comfortable waiting that long.😟 Someone suggested another vet, but it turns out they don’t come here anymore. And we tried to get ahold of three other vets too, two of which have not gotten back to us, and another whose phone number was out if service! So really hoping that one of those two vets are coming out here soon. If not we will have to trailer her into town, which is okay, it’s just a really long day for Tanta and it would be nice if we could avaoid that’s yeah! Fingers crossed we can get her looked at soon!!


Bloghop: Favorites of 2018

Today I’m doing a super fun blog hop that Amanda from The $900 Facebook pony started! (Although I’ve only done some of the questions, not all of them:) It’s taken me… awhile to get to it. Also, my pictures are scattered throughout my phone and multiple computers… so it took some looking to find the ones I wanted for this post. (Yes, that is my excuse. And we are just going to roll with it😉)

Favourite show picture


Favourite non-show picture


favourite thing you bought


A6257517-A64F-4588-A7E0-F8BAC23124F9I am sort of cheating here. I could not choose… plus I didn’t technically buy Tanta myself. My parents did👍🏼😁 and Finn… is not really horse-y.

favourite between the ears picture


I can’t decide who’s ears I like looking at the best…

favourite horse ridden (or groomed/cared for) besides your own


Definitely Merlin! He belongs to my coach but she let me ride and show him this last spring/summer. He is amazingly fun to ride and such a snuggly pony!

favourite funny picture of your horse



First pic is Merlin at a horse show and the second one is Poor Rasty who was not impressed with the stabling at one of the shows I took Merlin to last summer. (Rasty came along to go to the vets🙁) after this picture was taken, we convinced Rasty to come in. I was then adding some bedding to the stall for him, with just a stall guard up, and Rasty busted under the stall guard and trotted off!! That is… not like Rasty at all. Lol.

favourite fence that you successfully jumped or moment that you conquered


I Think this would have to be performing my freestyle at a horse show in July. I really didn’t have very much time to practice, so I was quite nervous about that. And we ended up scoring our best score ever!!

favourite horse meme



Both of these are so true for me!!

happy New Years everyone!!🥳



A visit from the vet…

Just over a week ago Tanta and I had a jumping lesson. it was great fun and Tanta felt very good!  we were focusing on staying reeeaallly straight on the approach and landing of some little tiny jumps… which was actually quite tough for us. lol. (My coach also had me work on keeping my hip angle more closed… riding only dressage for the last year hasn’t helped!) after we finished jumping I went to do some stretchy trot with Tanta before ending our ride, but she was off on her right front. me and my coach both looked her leg over and neither of us could see or feel any lumps/bumps/heat/swelling on her leg. so it was decided upon that I would ice her leg and wrap her that night. I was *hoping* that she was just brewing an abscess. buuuuut when I went out and unwrapped her the next morning… bony lump right on the inside of her fetlock!! nooooooo…

I trotted her that morning, and she was still off on it, although maybe a smidge less so. and me feeling the lump did not seem to bother her at all. I tried to get a picture of it, but her leg is so fluffy the lump didn’t show up… but the lump is roughly the size of a quarter.

I then showed the lump to my coach, as I normally do when one of my horses develops some sort of strange lump and I dont know what’s going on… she thought the lump was on Tanta’s sesamoid bone. “lump on horses sesamoid bone” is not something you want to google. it’s a very good way to freak yourself out…😟

my coach suggested putting her on stall rest with the run out (so not full stall rest), ice her at least once a day and then wrap her front legs at night. at least until our vet could come and look at her. I’ve been doing this, but the lump and lameness are still there. Today our vet came to look at her, and confirmed that the lump is on her sesamoid bone and recommended X-rays… unfortunately our vet does not have an X-ray machine so we will need to get another vet up soon.

Old (but cute❤️) pic of Tanta

Tanta was also due to get her teeth floated. she has a lump on the side of her face due to a tooth infection that she got awhile ago, while she was in foal with Raven. at the time it could not be removed because it would have (obviously) required sedation, and that couldn’t happed while she was pregnant. so now it could be removed, but the last X-ray she had looked perfect, and the lump has grown way smaller! so removing it may not be necessary anymore… it looks a bit funny, but it really does not bother her. so when we X-ray her leg we will also x-ray her mouth to see what’s going on with that. if she does not need the operation that would be nice. apparently it is quite a procedure to remove a horse tooth…

Tanta with her newborn little Raven awhile ago🥰🦄

sooooo. cross fingers my Tanta is sound and feeling better soon! and while our vet was here she checked up on Rasty, who is on a diet… she was pleased that he had lost weight, YAY!! but of course he needs to lose more weight still… and he is DESTROYING our fence…

I know… bad pic. Ignore the ollie nose.

I assume its because he is bored, but I am also concerned because we used to have a OTTB boarded at our place who started chewing wood because he had ulcers…

Also, on a completely different note… I’ve been doing a little bridle shopping/research. I would like to buy a new bridle for Tanta to jump in… she has a dressage bridle from Solo Equine, which me and Tanta both really like. but for jumping, I would like something a little less… bulky. (of course I bought the solo bridle with the widest noseband🥰) I just cant find anything that I love… it needs to be black to match my saddle… plus, I’m really picky. like, basically I want a buttery soft unicorn bridle! but that fits into my small budget! I am considering a Micklem, as that’s what I always used on Rasty. he really liked his, and I was pleased with the quality… but, that being said, I have used a Micklem on Tanta before, and she really didn’t notice a difference. sooooo…  I am in love with the Butet bridles. but, um, those do NOT fit in the budget. maybe I can find one used?

If anyone has a favorite jumping bridle, I’d love to hear!