25 question blog hop

I’m a little late on this blog hop, but it sounded too fun to miss out on!! Also, Im having a serious lack of new media… not sure why.

1. What is the first thing you do when you get to the barn?

Well, our barn is on our property so I’m out there every morning to feed the horses… but when I go out to ride, I’ll probably get my tack/brushes out first, and then go get Tanta/Rasty/whoever I’m riding/brushing.


2. Is there a breed that you would never own?

Hmmm… honestly I can’t think of one breed in particular I wouldn’t ever own. When I’m looking at a horse the breed really isn’t my topmost priority…


3. Describe your last ride?

Me and a friend trail rode over to our local riding club for a clear rounds day. I just rode in the warm up as Tanta isn’t jumping yet. But it was a nice ride, and Tanta was very good.


4. Have any irrational riding fears?

Not really? I mean, I get nervous sometimes, but… I don’t really have any irrational fears I don’t think?


5. Describe your favorite lesson horse?

That would have to be Lily, the black pony mare I rode when I was first starting to ride. She was the first horse I ever sat on and she was pretty awesome. Tbh I don’t really remember what she was like to ride (it was so long ago!) more I just remember loving to ride her. Then my coach (at the time, I have a different one now) suddenly sold her… I went to visit her a few times at her new home (it was out of town). Unless you can count Fox as a lesson horse!! Because she’s pretty awesome too…


6. Would you ever lease out your horse?

I would, to the right person, but not right now.


7. Mares: Yay or neigh?

I love mares! And gelding too. I really don’t prefer one over the other, it depends on the individual horse’s personality.


8. How many time per week do you get to see your horse?

7 as they are on our property. But I don’t normally ride everyday. Right now my riding schedule is sort of all over the place, but when my horse is feeling good I normally ride about 5-6 days a week.


9. Favorite thing to do on an “easy day” with your pony?

If I’m going to still ride I’ll do a bareback ride or a trail ride, or maybe a bareback trail ride. If I’m not going to ride I’ll just do a good grooming or give them a bath.


10. Conformational flaw that bothers you the most?

Hm. I’m no conformation expert, but I’m weird about the feet. Super small hooves freak me out, tbh. But that being said, Fox had a messed up foot when my coach got her, and she’s turned out pretty good. So I dunno really. Also Rasty’s lameness was 99% probably from the feet, so I’m extra paranoid about them now…


11. Thing about your riding that you’re most self conscious about?

Uh… it fluctuates.


12. Will you be participating in no stirrup November?

If my coach has anything to do with it than yes! Although it really depends… as long as my horse is not too hyped/spooky I normally but a bit of extra effort into it.


13. What is your grooming routine?

Get pony from paddock. If it’s summer, curry with a soft jelly scrubber, if it’s winter, I use hands on grooming gloves. If it’s shedding season I’ll then use a equi-groomer… a medium/stiff beastie brush if pony is muddy, otherwise skip this step. Then a medium/soft brush for the legs. Then a very soft brush everywhere/face. Then pick the hooves and brush the mane/tail. Fly spray/hoof conditioner as needed.


14. Describe a day in the life of your horse?

In the summer they are normally out 24/7, and in the winter/bad weather they come in at night. So… eat, hang out, nap, hang out, ride, hang out, run around like a crazy weirdo, hang out, eat, sleep… repeat. That goes for both of them, except minus the riding for Rasty.


15. Favourite season for riding?



16. If you could only have 1 ring: indoor or outdoor?

hm. I’d have to say outdoor. As much as I LOVE having access to an indoor, I think I would go squirrelly always riding indoors. I don’t mind riding in the rain etc, as long as the footing is still good… so all weather footing would be a bonus!!


17. What impresses you most about the opposite discipline (English vs. Western)?

I guess… a lot of the western horses that I know have really good ground manners… not to say English horses don’t/can’t have good manners, but… I feel like generally western people are better about training their horses in that way. Rasty has AMAZING manners, on the ground and under saddle. It’s mostly just his personality, but he was bred/trained to be a western pleasure horse… So I can’t help but wonder if that’s partially why.


18. You have unlimited funds to buy one entire set for your horse, what is he/she wearing?

that would be fun! I love my dressage saddle (and girth), but we would get some sort of custom jump saddle with purple details… and a matching girth. I can’t say for sure what style brand, as I’ve never tried any of them… can’t afford custom saddles! Haha. And Tanta would have about 245743 bridles, in all the different styles, because you can never have too many bridles. And… saddle pads/boots in all the colours! But mostly purple😉


19. How many blankets do you have? When do you blanket? 

Each horse has 2-3 rainsheets with detachable hoods, a lightweight turnout, a medium turnout, a medium stable sheet, and Tanta has a heavy. I would like to get Rasty a heavy, too. Right now if it gets really cold I just layer his blankets… but it’s more work For me haha. And I have a nylon sheet (which Rasty won, but I never really have a reason to use it) and a ripped up fly sheet… it’s usable but just barely. So both ponies need new ones. Knock on so much wood, the bugs haven’t been that bad so far this year, but I’d like to have some on hand. On and I have a couple coolers… but they are Rasty sized and don’t fit Tanta very well. Sooo… I guess she needs her own. As for when I blanket, there’s not really a set temperature or anything… because they are on my property, they get changed around a lot depending on temperature, humidity, rain/snow, clip, etc.


20. What is your horses favourite treat? Favourite place to be scratched?

neither of my horses are picky eaters… they both love carrots though. Rasty’s favourite place to be scratched is his neck, and Tanta’s is the inside of her ears…


21. Something about your barn that drives you crazy?

huh. Not really anything? I mean, there are some things that’s aren’t perfect, and a bit annoying, but… nothing that drives me crazy… if we had better drainage outside that would be nice, as it sorta creates rivers outside when we dump the buckets. Oh wait- I know what drives me crazy. Maren is super messy in the tack room!!


22. Roaches manes, pulled lanes, or long flowing manes?

i like a neat and tidy mane-either pulled or trimmed with scissors. I personally use scissors, as I don’t really know how to pull a mane. I think I understand thinning the mane by pulling, but… how does it get shorter?? Lol. Right now Tanta has a long flowing mane… I can’t wait to trim it, but it also seems sorta scary… it’ll be such a big transformation-what if i do a hack job of it?!?! 🙂


23. Can you handle a buck or a rear better?

100% a buck. I hate rearing and find it super scary. Bucking… doesn’t bug me so much. As long as it’s playful/excited. I wouldn’t like to ride any horse who is trying to buck me off. Not to say that I think bucking because of being playful/excited is good or ok… but it just doesn’t bug me that much. If I fall off I fall off!



24. I would never buy a horse who

A) rears. Like I said above, hate it.

b) hates peoples/is grumpy and/or mean. No matter how wonderful under saddle, I just don’t find these horses enjoyable to be around.


25. Favourite facial marking?

I don’t think I have a set favourite… but I love asymmetrical markings. I’m particularly a fan of crooked stripes that go over one nostril… 🙂


It’s starting to feel like summer…

Aka, it’s way too hot already. Today me and Maren decided to clip the little beastie. It’s been sooo hot… it’s… not my favourite weather. Last year we had an above ground pool and it was literally a life saver. Unfortunately we were responsible and put it away for the winter… why is that unfortunate? Well, because this past winter a big tree fell right on top of the shed where the pool was being stored. So it’s smushed. So we no longer have a pool:( anyways, back to Liliput’s clip.

She still had tons of her winter fluff, and was looking miserably hot. Me and Maren alternated clipping… It took awhile (because I’m the worlds slowest clipper! Haha)… but actually turned out pretty good!!


She’s so cute right?! The plus side of all this super warm weather is that I’ve had the chance to give both Rasty and Tanta baths. They really needed it… especially Tanta. But the ungrateful ponies went and rolled immediately after I turned them out. Luckily I assumed that’s what they would do and put sheets on them, so the damage was minimal.


Tanta has been doing well on her rehab program, and is still (knock on so much wood!!) sound.


And me and fox have a jumping show coming up this Saturday. I’m very excited for that!! We’ve entered 2’3” and 2’6”. Fox has been so very good lately, and she’s so fun to jump.



And the pups! They are doing super well. Today they turned 6 weeks old, I can’t believe it’s been they long already. About a week ago we started bringing them outside into a pen to play, and they love it. We’ve also started taking them for small “walks” around the yard in their harnesses, to get them used to wearing them. Really we just follow them around though.

Tuck Tuck


Little one, AKA Lolo

My pony is actually a unicorn!

So naturally when I was scrolling around online, window shopping, and saw THIS; (Equiture Unicorn Browband!)

Photo from Equiture’s website!

had to have it. But at the same time, it was a lot more than I would normally spend on a random splurge that I don’t technically need, and isn’t even on sale. However it was just soooooo amazing. I couldn’t resist. I tried to be reasonable, and I waited 2 whole weeks, trying to talk myself out of it. I mean, I love the browband that came with my Solo dressage bridle, so no need to replace that.

My beloved Solo Splendor!!!

And I… don’t yet have a jump bridle for Tanta. I need to sell my saddle and buy a different one, as my current one doesn’t fit me properly. So I’m waiting to see what colour I end up with so I can get a bridle that matches.

But! When I do buy a jump bridle, it most likely won’t come with a bling browband. And I do love blingy browbands. Obviously. Anyways, It’s good to be prepared RIGHT?!? So I should just buy the browband, and and then when I get a jump bridle it can go on that. Good logic right😉

so, I ordered the browband, along with some mane and tail detangler, some ‘shiny’ coat conditioner and some amazing dreamers and schemers boot socks with flying pigs, from Leveza!!!! Because… if I ordered enough I’d get free shipping. Logic. Anyways, a couple days ago it all arrived!


All the items were were wrapped up in tissue paper, and there was a nice card included. It was a nice touch. And it was EXCITING!! to open! Felt like Christmas😉


When I opened the browband it glittered all over the place!!! So pretty🥰

I took it outside to try on Tanta. I put it on her dressage bridle (well, I guess i don’t have anything else to put it on), and she looks SO CUTE in it!!!!!!!!!!!!


honestly, it looks about 10x more magnificent in person!! I love it.

I have been using it for every ride, and it’s just so blingy. It makes me happy every time I see it!!! Maybe that’s weird, but it does. I would totally buy more of the equiture browbands, if I had more $$. There are so many gorgeous ones!

I think oliver needs one. Right?!?!

Just look at his bling compared to Tanta’s… poor Ollie😞

While there is technically nothing wrong with his browband, he told me he would really like a new, bling-y-er browband😉

I’m thinking this ‘mocha’ one would look suuuuuppppper cute on him.


Come on Maren!!! He would look so sweet in it😉😊


Pup pic of Goldy just because she’s cute! (And looks so serious here, LOL!!)


Trot sets and trail rides…

Today me and a Maren decided to take our ponies on a nice, gentle trail ride. Backing up a bit, Tanta got the go-ahead to start the next part of her rehab!! Which is:


We just completed day 3 today. It’s so fun trotting her again!! Hehehe.

Anyways, We thought we’d just walk and then do Tanta’s trot sets on the flat parts of the trail. It was a really nice day… actually sorta cold, but there was sun and no rain so I’m not complaining.

But once we mounted up and headed out, we realized it was super windy. Ok… we started the ride off with a small twig falling out of a tree and landing on Tanta’s head… which startled her. So she was on high alert! So the tarp flapping around the back of our neighbors woodshed in the bushes caused a few spooks!! Then a big scary truck drove past us which freaked me out more than Tanta… who was unphased.

we turned down a side road, and got about 1/3 way along before Tanta stopped/started spooking at a rock. a rock!! This is when I realized Tanta was feeling veerrryyy fresh. Hahaha. She isn’t one to spook at stuff like that, unless she’s feeling hyper! So… she literally wouldn’t walk past the rock, and was skittering out in the middle of the road. We might have held up traffic. Maybe. I had to give her a big kick… that worked. After that I waved apologetically at the traffic and made Maren lead. Which was fine. Until we got near a horse hand walking in the opposite direction. Both Oliver and tanta most definitely saw the other horse… but… Oliver waited until we were pretty much right across (we were on opposite sides of the road) from this other horse before he threw in a massive spook, and landed with his from feet in the ditch, then hastily retreated from the ditch, almost leaving Maren in it. I thought he was going to *ditch* her. Get it!!! Hahaha… ok yeah that wasn’t that funny. MOVING ON!

we then got the the actual ‘trail’ part, and that went pretty well. Our horses were snorty/spooky, sure, but nobody ended up in ditches or on the ground so I call it a success.


After that we popped out onto another road, this one quite hilly. we walked down hill #1, and then started to trot up the next hill. Except Tanta spotted this really old falling apart truck on the side of the road, that has literally been there forever and decided it was going to eat her. Cue her spooking all the way across the road and almost into the ravine… ugh. I managed to kick her forward to avoid that disaster. Thank goodness these roads are pretty quiet!! The rest of that road went relatively well, other than a few minor spooks. After that both Oliver and Tanta seemed to have really calmed down, so we were just walking on a loose rein. Then this truck with a big trailer (bouncing EVERYWHERE, I might add) zoomed past us. Didn’t slow down at all (was going too fast to begin with) and didn’t go wide around us at all. So yeah, another spook… but not too bad. Luckily they are used to cars and trucks.

Right after that Ollie and Tanta relaxed back into the loose rein walking, lulling me and Maren into a false sense of security. We had just turned a sharp corner… one minute I was slowly plodding down the road on a loose rein, and the next I was plastered back as Tanta bolted down the road… luckily it didn’t take long to get both horses under control again… of course there were 5 cars all trying to drive by right at that moment. They were all really nice and pulled over as soon as they saw Tanta and Ollie bolting down the road… but… what? Tanta  has never bolted before, and I had no idea what spooked her. I was in the front, so couldn’t see what Ollie had done. I asked Maren and apparently a car came around the bend behind us, causing Ollie to spook And land with all 4s in the ditch, and bolt forwards… and I’m assuming he startled Tanta into bolting… ha.

Thankfully at this point we were like 10’ from our driveway… and got home safely.

I really wish Maren had worn her helmet cam… it would have been really entertaining footage!!


Relaxing trail ride right? Hahaha



Window shopping/wish list!

I have not been riding as much lately, and I have had some extra time to do some (dangerous) window shopping. This has already led me to purchase some cross country boots for Tanta and a new show jacket… (both of which I got on really good sales!!😉) Here is a list of things I have restrained from instantly purchasing. How long I will be able to hold out though? I am unsure.

Motion Lite Competition Jacket


I mean… it’s amazing!!! I am sure this would be fantastic for some of the shows in the summer! And I just love this color. It would look so lovely with Tanta. But this color is called purple? It looks more burgundy to me… I would be slightly worried that it might be more purple in person? I have only seen this color in pictures. Not that I don’t love purple… but that might be a little too bright/colorfull for me as a show coat… and I um, just bought a show coat. So this is really completely NOT necessary… but STILL.


FITS full seat riding breaches


I have a pair of these exact breeches already!! They are my old XC ones and I love them very much. However, now that they are literally being held together with hot glue it seems like it might be time for a replacement. And I know, hot glue is probably not the best way to repair breeches, but um… I was late for a lesson!!


long sleeved purple shirt


For XC!! The only issue is that I am having trouble finding one to buy! I think maybe EIS doesn’t make this color anymore? It’s not on their website anyway. I’ve heard really good things about the Kastel Denmark shirts (but never owned one!), and they DO have a dark purple one. But I’m not a fan of the lighter purple mesh. Haha…


Nunn Finer Soft Grip Reins in PURPLE


I mean, the Nunn Finer Soft Grip reins are my all time FAVOURITES!!!!! and when I realized they came in PURPLE!!!!!?? For XC!!!!! Yes please! The only problem? The leather on the purple ones only comes in BROWN!!! *crying* but I am determined. Perhaps I could dye the leather bits black?


Purple XC ecogold saddle pad


More purple!! I need a saddle pad for XC that has some grip, as saddle pads have a tendency to slip around on tanta. Especially when she has her summer coat and is galloping! And I actually don’t have a grippy saddle pad. So this item is sort of needed? Don’t want my pony’s saddle pad getting all bunched up…😄


quick knot braid thingys


These look pretty awesome. I don’t love the look of elastic bands, but I am too lazy to sew in braids. I did it once (Never again…). So these seem perfect! But I am hesitate to purchase the Quick Knots as they are not cheap. Everyone who I have seen use these have really nice tidy looking braids (Although I have only seen photos. Not IRL). there is also the very real possibility that they are just better braiders than I am! I also wonder about the re-use ability? I have heard people say you can re-use them but I have also heard the opposite… hmmm.


Yikes! That’s it I think. Oh and Tanta needs wants a black jump bridle and breastplate. She has neither… yet. The ones pictured above belonged to my coach! And a white jump saddle pad… although I have not found any particular ones that I am in love with yet! (Phew? Haha.)

what about everyone else? Anything in particular you have been eyeing?