A lesson on Fox!

I was away from Monday till late Wednesday so no riding happened then 😦 but I did get a lesson on Thursday! I have been really missing jumping (I didn’t jump at all for the last year +, but now that I got to do just a little bit before Tanta went on stall rest… I miss it!😫) so I asked if I could ride one of my coaches horses. She said I could try Foxy! She is a super super sweet and friendly OTTB. My coach did say to free lunge her before I rode. So I did! She seemed very reluctant to get going… then when I made her go she slowly loped around the ring a couple times. I was thinking this free lunging seemed pretty unnecessary… after a few more minutes I caught her and went to saddle up.

My coach came out and was like “did Fox have a good gallop with lots of bucking?”😊


then she says “hmm it’s still in there then!”


so then she proceeded to teach me an emergency stop! Hahaha…


Me and Fox practising our ‘emergency stop’ (at the walk😉)

and then coach grabs out a dressage whip with a plastic bag on the end! And she says “time to try out the emergency stop”😈

Hmmm at this point I was wondering how this would go… I’m on a somewhat green horse who I’ve never ridden before and is apparently full of gallop/bucking energy, and now we are going to purposely test out the emergency stop?😟 lol.

But Fox is very level headed and wasn’t really that phased by the bag. She was nervous and clearly wanted to get away from the bag, but it wasn’t like she bolted or anything. So I needn’t have worried, it really wasn’t that eventful. And my coach would never do that if she thought it would be unsafe or anything… but it was a good chance to try out the emergency stop on a spooking horse who was not out of control.

Then it started raining so we moved to the indoor to jump some little things. Fox is super fun to jump!! We only trotted a few tiny jumps, but it was SO fun!!!


And she did play a few times, but nothing terrible… and I had such a blast!! I will have to see if I can have another lesson on her soon.

The 12 questions bookish tag!

Hello!! Ok. I know I’ve not been on top of my posting… but I’m back now!! (For how long nobody knows🙁) but I hope to work out some sort of at least semi-consistent schedule for posting!!

Anyways; Today I’m doing the 12 questions bookish tag which Maren@poniesandpotter tagged me for!! Thanks Maren!

Now onto the tag;


1. How do you feel about audiobooks?

hmmm I have actually only ever listened to one audiobook. Like, ever. And I only listened to a few chapters… it was the raven king! And I just couldn’t get into it the same way as a book… but I can’t really say if it’s all audiobooks, or just this particular one that I disliked🤔 the person reading did have a super weird voice for Calla, so that sure didn’t help😂


2. Bookshelves: rainbow or arranged by series/favourite books?

well my bookshelf (ha. It’s not really a bookshelf… my books are just lined up on top of my dresser🙃I’m so fancy;) was arranged by colour! I loved it! And I can’t actually take credit for the lovely rainbow that was my bookshelf, as my friend did that while over at my house!!(yup. That’s what me and my friends do while at each others houses… organize books!! 😂) sadly the rainbow has disappeared as I’m not good about keeping my books organized😞


3. Favourite book cover?

I can’t answer this one. I don’t even know😫 too many pretty books🙂


4. favourite book quote?

argh I don’t know!!! I love so many I just.. um.. can’t remember any right now😐 it’s so frustrating! I’ll be reading along, and think “oh this is such a good quote!” But do I ever remember them? Nooooo. Not even what they are about, who said them…😢🤷🏼‍♀️


5. Longest book you’ve read?

I think Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix… I’m not entirely sure though, as I don’t really keep track🤔


6. Shortest book you’ve read?

well, I’v honestly got no idea… I mean…. I used to love those pony pal books when I was little?? They never took very long to read… There was a TON of them😝


7. Favourite character from a book?

Ummmm… this is so so so hard!!!! Why!!?? But I guess… all the Harry Potter characters (well not all of them) + the blackthorns? 🤣 but honestly, it really depends on what book I’m currently reading… but I love those ones so much😍


8. Least favourite character from a book?


Dolores Umbridge. (Well that was easy.)

9. Dust jacket? On or off?

Off! For the most part. I actually prefer paperback books… lighter and easier to read (and pack!) but if I’m reading a hard cover I basically always take the dust jacket off. It’s so annoying with a flappy thing flying and slipping about while your trying to read…

10. Magnetic book marks? Yes or no?

Nope! I’ve had a traumatic experience…😖 but actually sometimes yes! I made my own with cheap-y magnetic sticky stuff from the dollar store, and it’s not strong enough to rip my page, just strong enough to stay put😉 (also shaped like cute cats🐈👍🏻)


11. If someone offered to give you a prophecy what would you say?

no thanks? I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about it… I guess I’ve never wished to have a prophecy told to me, and I think (depending on what it was about) it could make me really paranoid…🧐


12. Who do you tag?

Welllllll…. this is so hard… I don’t know a lot of blogs as I’m still pretty new to the whole thing… so I’ll say whoever would like to do this, please do! I’d love to hear your answers!! 😄

Thanks for reading!


Haha😂 Tanta looks unimpressed. “Why is Raven chewing my saddle?”

the cutest baby horses😍 + mild panicking😬

Hi!! So the super duper excited news!!! Tanta and Velvet has two healthy and adorable foals!!


This is Tanta and her super cute filly Raven💙 she is two days old and such a sweet horsie already!!😊


And… Velvet and her adorable colt Valentino!!😍 he is six days old now!!

They are are both so lovely💕 it is so amazing to have them next door😊


now… the panicking… has nothing to do with the foals.

im going to a horse show in (ack!) under a week😬 and I’ll be doing my freestyle dressage test which is always a struggle for me to get all done and rehearsed in time… I think I’ve got this one somewhat good(ish). Maybe. 

my coaches riding ring (where I do my riding for the most part😄) is not 60 meters long… it’s hard to time the music correctly with a ring that is shorter than the one that’ll be used in competition!! But we were able to trailer to someone else’s ring where they kindly let me practice my freestyle with music!😊 and it actually rode pretty well! (Well the first one was a bit all over the place… but I feel we had improved by the third time through so I think it was a success!) it was so nice to be able to ride it a few times and be more prepared for where my transitions where going to come up!😆

also I really need to get Merlin re-shod before the show… he might be ok as he isn’t due for a little while longer, but he does grow his feet pretty fast… and has gone a bit off before if left too long (well he wasn’t even due yet that time so that’s why I’m trying to get him done so early this time!!) but he also sometimes gets a bit sore from holding up his legs for so long to be shod… so he needs to be shod as soon as possible to allow as much time as we can before the show. Unfortunately our farrier got kicked in the arm☹️ (he was OK, just really sore!!) So I’m not really sure what to do about that… which is where a lot of the panic is coming from! I realllllly don’t want a lame Metlin right before our show! (Or ever of course. That timing would just be extra stinky😣)


so yeah!! I’ve been super busy so I’m sorry for such in-frequent posting! I will try and do better but I honestly can’t see myself posting much until after the show…


The BEST chocolate milkshake (in my opinion anyway)

Photorealistic illustration of chocolate milkshakehi! This is my new favourite chocolate milkshake!! It’s so easy and absolutely delicious😋 I LOVE milkshakes…they are one of my favourite treats in the summer (although I’ll never say no to ice cream, even when it’s freezing out!) I’ve always just made up my milkshakes as I go… they normally turn out good, but this milkshake was so delicious I’ve been making it whenever I feel like a milkshake (I totally don’t eat this for breakfast… ever…)

so here’s the recipe! (It makes one large cup full) I tried to do one of those pics of all the things you’ll need… then realized I’d forgotten the ice cream scoop… then measuring spoons… and also a spatula… haha! I’d already moved everything and started on the shake by the time I realized… oops!! So I won’t put it in… all you need is:

  • 4 large scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • 3/4 cup of almond milk
  • 2 tbsp of your favourite hot chocolate mix
  • a little hot water

**UPDATE** I just recently made this shake again…. I’m not sure what I was doing saying 4 scoops?? I mean, I wrote this post while making the milkshake and I used 4 big scoops… (and it turned out a great consistency) they must have been HUGE scoops!!! When I made this yesterday I actually needed to use 12 scoops to get it thick enough to be a milkshake!! That did serve 2 but I used the same amount of other ingredients?? So I’d say just keep adding ice cream until you reach the desired thicness, or if you want only enough for one person (but really who minds having extra big milkshake portions??) is just add a little less milk… sorry!!! Apparently I’m a very confused milkshake maker…


I’m sure you could substitute almond milk for normal milk or another type of milk if you prefer. I do really like the flavour the almond milk gives it though, Which is very odd as I don’t normally like almond milk¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we were out of normal milk when I first make this, so I had to use it and liked it so much I’ve only made it with almond milk!

as for the hot chocolate mix, my all time fave is this stuff⬇️


It’s so delicious!! But really whenever you have on hand should work just fine😊

Now for actually making the milkshake all you do is dissolve the hot choc mix in a little bit of hot water (you don’t need much, it can be thick) then throw that, the almond milk and the ice cream and blend it up!! Done!



Now… I meant to get a better picture of the finished shake…(while hoping nobody actually noticed me photographing my milkshake…😝) but by the time I was done cleaning up the kitchen… I’d… umm… drank most of it…😬 so there was a little bit still left but I thought that looked sorta cheesy sooooooo no good pic😞 (Hence the clip art milkshake😂)

thanks for reading and if you try out this shake, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!😄




Beach puppies!


Sorry about not posting in so long😕 been busy😔 but now I’m posting a short photo filled post! Today I took my puppy Finn to visit his sister puppy named Lexi, who one of my best friends adopted!! Her house is right on the beach and Finn and Lexi had so much fun playing!


They got so sandy and seaweedy that we had to clean them off before they came in the house😬 luckily they have a super handy outdoor shower which is great for quick puppy baths!

Finn is so tired now he is sleeping on me as I write this post😂

so yeah, that’s it. Sorry! I’ll try my best to post more consistently! 🙂