Frisky ponies!

Tanta’s new winter blankie got here yesterday. And just in time, It’s been getting cold at night! She looks so very sweet in it, and it fits her great! And (most importantly) it’s been keeping her warm and cozy☺️


So far this year the weather here has been pretty amazing. I mean, it’s been cold, but dry. Normally it’s sooo wet here. I actually sorta like the cold weather… (to an extent)  BUT Tanta has been sooooo frisky! She is actually pretty fun to ride when she’s feeling spicy, because she’s so forward. And I know she won’t do anything terrible… like, she’ll toss her head around and sorta thump her front feet out in front of her and maybe porpoise a little or even a poo buck… or perhaps a mild scoot… but that’s it. it sounds worse that it is lol. It’s very mild. She has a very smooth way of playing and she still listens to you (no running away or anything!)

I had a lovely ride on her this evening, despite the hyper-ness. (Also, there was a rugby game going on in the other arena but she couldn’t have cared less!) I was planning on practicing our flying changes, but… decided that it probably wasn’t the best day for that. She is the only horse I’ve ever met that always changes her hind legs before her front legs. And still manages to get a clean change! She always hops up and adds a bit of extra oomph with her back legs😂 it’s pretty cute. However if she is feeling fiery, a bit of extra oomph can quickly turn into a lot of extra oomph! I mean… she probably would have behaved herself, but really it was cold and dark… and if it didn’t turn out I didn’t feel like spending awhile schooling it. Also, Tanta has good lead changes. It’s me that needs the extra practice😅



Tanta has a new winter haircut!

Tanta was definitely in need of a winter clip, she was very fluffy.🐻 last week I gave her a blanket clip, with the new clippers that me and my sisters bought to clip our horses!

It was my third time clipping a horse, but my first time doing a blanket clip. last year Tanta got a trace clip and Rasty had a sort of bib clip… I just clipped his shoulders, chest and half of his neck but left his girth and everything else…

I don’t have a good picture of Tanta with her clip, but I’m pretty happy with it! It is definitely not perfect, but it is better than last year, so at least I’m getting better!

And it is doing it’s job! I’ve taken her out quite a few times since I gave her the clip and it is working wonderfully to keep her cool while riding and easy to cool out after.

the clippers that we bought are the andis  AGC super 2 speed, in green. They worked very well! Last year when I clipped Tanta I borrowed some clippers, as I didn’t have any at the time. They were the andis AGC super 2 speed (like the ones I ended up buying) and a larger pair. The larger ones were definitely faster, but I felt more comfortable with the smaller/lighter/quiter ones. And they didn’t have any trouble getting through Tanta’s thick winter coat!

I was considering clipping a design onto her bum… but I couldn’t think of anything good. Last year I did a heart, which was adorable but also a bit lopsided… lol. So I think I’ll just leave her as is. (But I might add a design later on if I think up something awesome!)

I ordered her a winter blanket about the same time as clipping her… It’s not here yet, but fortunately Maren has been loaning me Oliver’s winter blanket For when it gets cold!

After a LOT of searching around, I settled on the Amigo Bravo 12 plus heavyweight turnout. I really like the quality of the Amigos. For Christmas two years ago I was given an Amigo 100g blanket for Rasty and it has been the best blanket I’ve ever had! The fit is great, it stays in place and does not slip around on his like some other blankets do. And the waterproofness is amazing! I don’t think it’s ever soaked through. And it can get very wet here… so in 2 years that’s pretty great! almost all of Rasty’s other blankets have soaked through at one point or another… also, I really like the reflective detailing. multiple times it has been the reason I’ve noticed when Rasty has gotten out of his paddock at night! (He is a very skilled escape artist) oh and they seem to be very strong! Rasty’s does not have any rips or tears and he destroys most blankets!

Anyways… I am very excited for my Tanta’s early Christmas present to get here! I am not entirely sure what colour I ordered!! After forever deciding what blanket to buy, I don’t even know what colour I got?! I was really tired…😬 I think it’s navy blue. I am almost 1/2 wishing I’d gotten black and white… she just looks really good in black… but I don’t think the place I wanted to order it from had black. And really I love the navy too!! We’ll see!

Old (but cute❤️) pic of Tanta as my phone is too fuuuuuuullllll go get new ones!😫


Not too much has been going on this week… except for my very exciting news; Tanta moved over to our house a couple days ago from my coaches place next door!!

She is now fully weaned from Raven, they were very slowly and gradually separated at my coaches place. They both seemed very chill about it for the most part which was nice:) I think Tanta felt better being able to see Raven and knowing she was fine and Raven was with her auntie Fox who she adores!

When Tanta came over here a few days ago, we put her by herself in our smaller paddock that shared a fence line with the larger paddock. Maggie and Oliver were in the larger one and Rasty and Lilliput where in their stalls with run ins. Maggie and Oliver were being very friendly and Rasty seemed to be sad that he was missing out on visiting Tanta!!😞 so I felt bad and put him out in the big paddock with Maggie and Ollie… which was probably not a very wise idea… Rasty can be quite dramatic… so he got Tanta a bit worked up I think. Actually not only Tanta… M and O too… I was just walking to the gate to leave the paddock and I looked back and see Tanta sailing over our gate!! Luckily she had jumped into our front yard which is fully fenced. But it’s not a small gate!! 7EC4A472-4F6E-4F59-AC8B-E48F3E4AB11E

I was actually quite surprised! It’s much more Tanta’s style to stomp down a fence that to jump it… it took us quite a while to catch her as she was racing around so much in our yard. Jumping anything in her way… the bench… stack of firewood… etc. It was actually sorta funny… or is now anyway. I was too worried she’d hurt herself while she was tearing around our yard. (Especially when she lept over the pile of wood with an AXE stuck in it😖!) but she was fine!! Phew.

We returned her to her paddock and threw Ollie in with her to hopefully distract her and make her feel less alone. Oliver is the best with new horses, he gets along with everybody and just wants to be friends🤗 (oh and Rasty went back into his stall/run in!)0A990B1B-D322-461E-9D5E-A60674438779

The pic is of Tanta meeting ollie in the paddock lol. Oliver has been with her since and she’s been very happy and calm:)

I’ve been taking her on some trail rides with Maren and Rasty as I can’t ride her at my coaches arena yet, because we don’t want her te see Raven and then want to jump the fence again when I bring her back here. (there’s been almost no whinnying between her and raven and neither of them seems upset, but still)


Dont Rasty and Tanta have the cutest ears?!?! Rasty has little Arabian ears that prick right up when he’s focused on something and Tanta has tiny SUPER FUZZY Canadian ears! A6257517-A64F-4588-A7E0-F8BAC23124F9.png

also speaking of fuzz… I’m going to clip Tanta soon. She is soooo fuzzy!! I think I’ll give her a blanket clip… She definitely needs it!🐻

Oh and the bears!! Putting the bear emoji just reminded me about them! We seem to be having a bit of a bear issue… One morning when I went out to feed our horses breakfast the feed room doors were open and there was grain all over the place. Feed bins pushed over, mashes from the buckets all 1/2 eaten… the bin of rice bran was completely gone! But the bears left the scoop and the lid! My mom found the bin later that day in our neighbours bushes… so the next night we screwed a board onto the feed room across both doors so you can’t open the doors unless you unscrew the board… or just rip it off!! With all the door trim😳 which is exactly what they did… I didn’t wake up (heavy sleeper!) but both my parents woke up to some squealing. At the time we had a pony who was here for just a couple weeks. Poor Maggie had gotten scared by the bears breaking into the feed room and broke down her stall door! Then ran over to the gate into the paddock to be with the visiting pony, who was squealing at her. So my parents scared away the bears and screwed the board right onto the shed (no trim this time) which has worked so far! But they come to check almost every night!! (And broke in the one night we forgot to put the board up) Our poor feed room door is getting more and more scratched up☹️ And last night we had a raccoon trying to break in!!

Oh and I got to ride Maggie yesterday! She is so very sweet❤️❤️


Also it’s been reallllly cold here…. and somewhat wet (on and off) but as soon as it rains our poo pile turns into a mud pit… which makes dumping wheelbarrows terribly unpleasant…FB967F3A-64EE-43A4-8E85-607F77AF57AC.jpeg


Soooo wet. You can’t really see in this pic but to properly dump the wheelbarrows you have to push all the way up the pile then dump them off the back, Which is… basically impossible when it’s that wet.



Then it turns SUPER muddy and it’s even harder to dump😖

anways sorry… I’m sure you really wanted to hear about or poo pile…

oh and the hunt! The annual humane fox hunt (meaning there’s no live fox, instead they lay a scent for the hounds to follow) that’s held at our coaches place was last Saturday! Unfortunately I didn’t ride in it this year as I didn’t have horse that was up to it. Rasty for obvious reasons was unable to, and Tanta is still regaining her fitness after Raven:)  But I did get to watch which is always fun! It ran through our property too! Here’s some (not very good) pics of the hounds.38E88591-DD53-4EE2-8C90-718C2B5981F0FB971CD5-7A3E-4BC6-819E-01EFBB269E57

it was unfortunately wet and cold… and we got to our viewing area waaaaaay too early and stood in the cold for like 45 mins before the hunt rode by… but it was fun to watch!!

anyways, it seems, after I’ve written this long post, more happened this week than I thought… 🧐😄426DA709-1FAB-4908-923F-A04CCEA5C60BA22E1EDC-9CBD-458F-8E21-A7B8C7389A9D

And ugh I have a bunch more photos I wanted to put on here but my. Phone. Won’t. Let me.😡😡 And it won’t let me share them to the computer to post through that😡😡 so I’ll figure something out eventually… more pics to come!

Update on my Rasty…

EF58C2EA-F48D-4CBA-8E1A-835196A110E5I haven’t done any updates on Rasty in quite awhile… unfortunately he is still lame😥 After This update    He went back to the vet, he got more injections (this time a narvicular bursa injection and also osphos…) as well as other stuff (nerve blocks, flections, lameness sensors etc.) for a little while he was actually looking better. I think that it was mostly the reverse shoe on his right front.

Screenshot of a post awhile ago with a small Rasty update.

So with the shoes he was looking pretty good! But unfortunately that stopped working in a few weeks… he slowly became more lame until he was back where he was before the shoes☹️ So we kept them on for another set, just to see what happened… but at this point the didn’t seem to be making any difference. Except that Rasty’s feet weren’t looking too great. Before that he had always been barefoot and his feet looked a lot better/healthier that way, so we pulled the shoes.

Our vet came Last week to look at him and float our horses teeth. she thinks that it’s alright to ride him on walks (as he’s not lame in the walk) and it’s not a new injury (it originally bothered him about 2 years ago, but recovered with stall rest and SLOW rehab… then right as he was reaching perfect condition, boom lame again😔 which was 8 months ago now) And this time stall rest didn’t help at all…. so if resting isn’t making him feel better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe a bit more exercise would help… (especially if it’s arthritis) also he is SUPER chubby…😕 Rasty and Lilliput are now in the diet paddock… soaked hay and minimum grain for them :/

You can see on this pic he’s a little chunky…

Hoping he will recover completely, but that seems fairly unlikely at this point. Rasty really does seem to enjoy getting out for walks on the trail so it’s great that he is allowed to do those☺️ I enjoy taking him out as well. I normally ride him bareback, so that’s fun!

Aslo, sorry about the old photos, my phone is very full so it’s not working very well right now. It won’t let me take photos from my camera roll..🙄

Rasty enjoying a roll:)



Road trip!! Collab with Maren from poniesandpotter!😆

Hi! Me and my sister Maren just recently got back from a road trip, so we are doing a collab post about our trip!! Marens blog is Poniesandpotter!

We will start with day one of our trip and work our way through, alternating between me and Maren😊


Our road trip!😆😬😲👍🏻☹️🤓🤢😌😂🤩😁

Day 1:


soooooo….. really this should start the day before day 1….

Day before day 1:


so, no. This should start on day 1. I personally am trying to block out day before day one… so describing it?? Um no.



Yeah…. I know what you mean Maren. I’m pretty sure that was the least sleep I’ve ever gotten… BUT it was sorta interesting? Anyways, me and Maren and our mom went to help our dad at the bakery to get ready for going away on our road trip… we got there around 6 pm and Maren and mom left the bakery at about 9:30… they went home and fed the horses etc. I was there till 1:30 in the morning with dad, then dad decided that there was too much to do and he’d have to stay there all night😳 we were going to pick him up in the morning on our way to pick up the RV! So he drove me home, quickly packed his stuff and drove back to the bakery… I then had to pack a bunch of stuff, wash my hair etc…. so I didn’t get to sleep till 3am with my (terrible) alarm set for 4am!!😩 (Also, rushed packing = WAY more stuff that I needed. My brain was something like this, what should I pack? Let’s throw everything in!)


What’s this cheesey talk of etc.??? I put so many mashes into bags for those ponies!! Me and mom did around 150!! What’s this Hmmm???!😒



yes… I was shocked to call you at 1am and hear you still bagging mashes….


Day 1: (actually this time)


the day started relatively well considering the most amount of sleep any of us got was 2 hours (Maren) and the least being none (Dad)… well, everyone was a little tired and grumpy.  then we saw the most hilarious thing!! It was a house with a trillion rooflines and a really tall fence around it as well as a big shed in the yard. Now the weird part was that the home and the really tall fence and the shed, all had the exact same siding!!! Green-y-ish shakes!!! Even the fence!!! And I really don’t know if it looked all that weird or if it was just the lack of sleep, but we (at the time) found it SOOOOO funny! Dad missed it, so we had to drive back to show him! (He didn’t find it nearly as funny as we did…🧐)

Once we got to the RV rental, mom did the paperwork etc. While me and Maren walked Finn and Daisy around. Then we transferred the bags from the truck into the RV as the lady showed us how to do stuff like put out the slide… and then! We see dad walking up to the RV. Well it looked like that anyway, it turns out he was heading for another RV right beside ours that some other people are renting and they were loading their bags into it at the same time as us. And then we notice that he has no shoes on! And he’s got a strange far-away look… I think the lack of sleep was getting to him. he then tries to get into the wrong RV and the couple renting it looked quite shocked!! 😂 Then he realized it wasn’t ours and came to the correct RV:)



We spent that night at a cold but pretty campsite (that was easy to find)



Day 2:


we left campsite 1 and headed to my favourite tack store ever!!!!! This place is AMAZING! So big and they have literally everything (at good prices😉) I left with a burgundy oglivy saddle pad with black trim and white piping. I was thinking of bringing it to my coaches place as It should look great on Tanta! I haven’t ridden Tanta in it yet but it did look amazing on Rasty! (Now I’m debating keeping it for him lol!) and some saddle conditioner as well as a nice mane brush.😊 Maren didn’t buy anything (😱)  clearly she has better self control than me….

See how cute he looks in it?! (But then Rasty looks cute in everything😉)
He is so cute❤️


so then we tried to find the campsite… we had minor too extreme difficulty, Siri told us to go down this small dark road. Not right. It was impossible to turn around! Mom had to BACK the giant RV out of this tiny road onto a fairly busy road (took like 20 mins)… it was also around 9 pm and everyone was hangry… not exactly pleasant😬 and then we could not find the entrance to the campsite?!?🤔



finally we found the campsite, turns out you have to drive thru a construction site to get to the campground?!🤔 At this point it was pitch black out and so we really couldn’t see anything or tell if our site was nice or not… but 2 things we did notice/hear were that we were between a big river on one side and SUPER BUSY train track on the other… with trains coming thru literally every 5-10 mins😒 also every time they came thru they would honk a whole bunch! I suppose that’s so nobody gets run over… but it makes sleeping difficult.

You can see how close the trains were


Also, one thing Brianna didn’t point out was that she happened to break the slide out on the RV at campsite #2 it was very dark out and we couldn’t see anything so mom went outside to make sure the slide didn’t hit anything out there, and I stood next to the window so I could hear her if she yelled stop… and Brianna stood right in front of a suitcase that was blocking the slide and held the button opening it, the wood on the slide then started cracking but Brianna them rammed the slide and suitcase together- therefore breaking both the slide and the suitcase



ummmmm… that is not entirely what happened.  (Also, I did no ramming)



Ramming was definitely happening. But, moving on, the next thing that happened was that Brianna discovered that our toilet was blocked😨 but yeah, you probably don’t want to know much more about that so I will leave it at that…


day 3:


The next day Finn went for a walk with our parents and chewed his harness up so it broke!! Finny!!😠 (And of course this was probably the worse campsite to have a loose puppy, with all the rivers and trains and whatnot. He was fine though! He let us catch him….)  also, our toilet was still plugged (although we had hardly used it) the RV place said that the tank was completely empty when we got it but we think there must have been some sort of clog from the previous renters because it was always getting full and having to be dumped… and even right after being dumped out tank was showing up as 3/4 full🧐  the host at that campsite was very nice and spent 2 hours helping us try to unstuck our toilet… unfortunately no luck😟 well sort of luck I suppose, we manage to unclog the toilet and drain the 1/4 of that tank that wasn’t clogged but not unclog that stuck stuff…🤢 sorry this post is getting sort of gross…



umm…yeah, let’s forget about the toilet for now?? We (finally) got to have breakfast…it was kinda late…(12ish) but we found a place that *said* that they had breakfast until 3… turns out that you can order breakfast until 3 but anytime after 11:30 you have to wait extra long…😒 so after the long wait for breakfast we decided to walk around the town a bit…it was really weird! They were Christmas decorations EVERYWHERE, apparently some people were filming a movie or Add or something?? It was weird.



Yes a tv commercial I believe. A bit funny to see all the decor up. At first we thought they were just really into early Christmas decorating…lol!!😂 also we went on a little walk after breakfast with the dogs and daisy got out of her harness… which just proves that it was a weird day for harnesses…. then we drove to a super nice apple orchard! They had lots of yummy samples to try and we had lunch there. And then our mom wanted to go on a little ride thing-y that was carts pulled by a tractor that went on a tour thing-y around the apples (Also apple picking) it was fun(ish) but also sorta dull. It went very slow. Also we were put right up in the front so we got all the exhaust…. gross. But we got to pick a bag of apples! It then (right as we were picking the apples) started to pour with rain. So much rain. Also thunder and lightning. It was a mad rush! Everyone started charging for the buildings!! Even the chickens and goats that were outside took off at a run for their shelters… it was raining soooooooooo hard! Like the most rain I’ve ever seen!!! Maren and mom went to the RV to check on the pups as Finn hasn’t really had many thunderstorms so we weren’t sure how he would react. 598EEBDF-D50A-4F93-B26B-C1B5E5D8D858.jpeg

Turns out he was really nervous. NOT! But anyways there was no way I was leaving without buying my precious apples first, so me and dad went to the store place (which, by the way, was PACKED with people trying to find cover from the rain…) we bought some boxes of apple, some delicious caramel sauce to dip the apple into, the BEST apple juice ever and a mega cool apple cutter!! You just place it on top of your apples and press down and it sliced them!!🤩85F9677E-631E-4214-BC54-E56588C47588.jpeg

I know, not a particularly good photo but it’s the only one I’ve got… so me and dad had to run all the way from the the store to where the RV was parked (which wasn’t super far away but wasn’t particularly close either…) with these big boxes of apples! (Unfortunately we were not wearing rain jackets as it was nice when we first got there!) We were so wet when we got back! It looked like we had literally jumped into a pool or something… 😓 but the apples were worth it!! Soooo good😋


day 4:


so, first we visited the sani dump. I’m pretty sure you don’t want the details… 🤢 next we visited some book stores❤️❤️❤️ Which was awesome!! There was also an author there, selling her book, so we bought one and got it signed! It’s called The Dragons Of Nibiru by Lorna J. CarletonEF787DE6-3076-4700-A2E8-154D7DD355BB.jpeg


The book store we went to was really nice!! It was new (we always look for used book store but they are becoming so hard to find😢😢) not that I don’t like new books… but my wallet prefers used😂 but this store had some really good deals!

our book haul from there was The Serpent King, A Study In Charlotte, Saints and Misfits, The dragons of Nibiru and!!! WILDCARD!!! Me and maren were so excited when we saw it. (Very strangely) we didn’t know it was out yet?? We were really excited for it to come out… we just?!?! I don’t even know how we didn’t realize. 🙄 I jumped around and said (very loudly I think😬) OMG Maren look!!! And pointed at wildcard! The lady in the next isle looked at me very strangely…😐




Then me and my dad visited “the craziest store in town” it was pretty cool!! It was a hardware store, fishing store, camping store, dollar store and mattress store! ALL IN ONE!



then we had a suppppper hard time finding a place to stay… we were heading for a campground that I think we’ve maybe camped at before?? Anyways it was closed, but they didn’t bother mentioning that online😧 it was very late at this point… we found an RV camp place, but they were closed… we could see them from the parking lot… they were in the kitchen making pasta… and they saw us but didn’t come out so we left. We then continued on for awhile until we stumbled upon a campground. We drove down the SUUUUUUUUUPER long driveway and then went right to sleep😴


day 5:


Soooooooo… we woke up…(duh) then mom convinced us to go for a “1 minute walk” AKA, a 40 minute walk… mom kept saying that the lake was just around the corner…. but it turns out we were going the wrong direction 🤦🏼‍♀️I mean… it was nice… but we were in a rush… so it was slightly frustrating… then we left, visited the sani dump🤢 and then I believe we just drove for the rest of the day? Like, I think we stopped for lunch at some point? I remember Brianna being Hangry…😬 but I think just drove a lot, it was kinda the only day where we Drove a good distance!😂



Another thing that happened was before we went to bed our dad was turning off the water pump, it’s not very complicated but he hadn’t done it before and wasn’t sure which switch to flick… so I was going to show him but then he said “oh it’s this one!” And flicked it… then at that exact moment, all the power/lights in the RV turned off😂 dad got blamed, but it turns out Finn and/or Daisy had knocked into the main power switch at the exact time!


Day 6:


we ended up spending the 5th night at the same campsite as the 3rd night… in the exact same spot!😆 so that’s we’re we woke up. We took the dogs for a little walk before we hit the road… and Finnegan chewed thru his new harnes!!!! Again!!! I was not very pleased with him😡 (somewhere in between day 3 & 6 I bought him a new one, I can’t remember when) of course the toilet was still plugged so we did our morning sani dump routine…🤢 then we went to DQ and got blizzards!! My fave😋 our dad got some fries and strangely they gave us a million ketchups!!

For one little order of fries!



So after that we went and found our campsite!! It’s SOOO nice there! We’ve camped there previously and love it! So we got there, and Brianna put some pizza in the oven for Dinner… then after 20 minutes(or however long pizza takes) Brianna went to take the pizza out of the oven…I was sitting on the couch reading… then Brianna started laughing crazily/Yelling weirdly… And Started Yelling “HELP ME MAREN” so I  got up to go look at the pizza(who knows? Brianna might have burned it or forgotten to turn on the oven 🤷🏼‍♀️)  but the pizza looked fine?? Then I look at what Brianna was holding…😶 ShE hAD PicKEd uP ThE piZzA WiTh a fly swatter?! 



yes😖 I thought it was a spatula thingy!! I was hungry and tired and apparently I couldn’t think straight… I was trying to lift up the pizza and it was awfully floppy… I managed (with difficulty) to get it out, then realized it was a fly swatter!! Ewwwwww🤮 obviously I didn’t eat this pizza. Neither did mom. But DAD AND MAREN ATE IT?!?!!ew.


day 7:


So not much happened that day?? I think we all just hanged out at the campsite the whole day😂 well…Brianna stayed in RV ALL day…🤔 and we had an interesting experience with the Dinner meats… dad was making some sausages and when he went to take them out of the oven the glass just, Shattered??? Luckily me and dad worked quickly and managed to save the sausages!! Unfortunately, mom wouldn’t let us eat them because she believed that they had little bits of glass in them☹️😢



day 8:


day 8 was very relaxed… we just sorta hung out and read etc. We did take a walk on this cool sand bar that is just about a foot under the lake. It goes super far out!! Also, did I mention that I am a exceptionally good marshmallow roaster?😏 the only problem is that I hate marshmallows… I love roasting them but there’s no way I’ll eat them. But normally Maren will eat them. But on day 8 maren decided to roast her own marshie ☹️ It lit on fire and maren was blowing on it so hard the marshmallow flew right off the stick!🤣🤣



IN MY DEFENCE THE FLAME WOULDN’T GO OUT😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 What a waste of a perfectly good marshmallow!!




Day 9:


day 9 we woke up early and drove home… once we dropped off the RV we headed to indigo!! I was hoping to purchase The Last Of August, (and maybe The Case For Jamie) as I’d really enjoyed A Study In Charlotte… they had it but it was in paperback. I do really like paperbacks, but my copy of A Study In Charlotte was hardcover… (it was on super sale when I bought it…) They also had The Case For Jamie, but it was in hardcover. So I bought The Case For Jamie and ordered The Last Of August in hardcover too… the reason was the paperbacks were so little & short!! And it would have looked funny on my bookshelf…😬 But because indigo was having a sale, buy 3 get the 4th free! I also bought The Gentleman’s Guide To Vice And Virtue, And Maren bought Crooked Kingdom and Prodigy!



also in the book store… Mom was waiting in the car and Dad came in with us…😣 But he was being SOOOOO embarrassing! He had Sandals on, and every couple seconds he would fling out his foot and catapult his sandal 7 feet into the air😧 sooooooo embarrassing!!



yes. (For once) I’ve gotta agree with Maren.



Our books purchased on the trip:

My poor wallet😢

But altogether, it was super fun!!! Finn especially loved it! Lol. Although I think for the first few days we were rather sleep deprived… we had no water and we were all super thirsty. We would fill up our water bottle but that would be gone quickly… it didn’t even occur to us to buy a jug of water till day4🤦🏽‍♀️😂😳 (same went for grocery shopping. I mean we had a fridge, but we didn’t stock it till day 4)

Anyways, thank you for reading this mega long post!! 😆D9AD56FC-9557-4E2C-AD0B-A87975095EB3C939D9AB-E718-4036-ABA4-9A9DBE8FBA4A6FE99354-8F1A-4B80-A84D-FFD5FAD7685390FED495-D247-43BA-9897-F5EFF308C203

What I’ve found really helps horses with Sweat itch🤔

Hi!! So first off, I’m so sorry, I was gone for like, FOREVER there. 😢 honestly I’m not sure what happened… I’ve just been busy I guess. Also it’s been SUPER hot here the last week or so and it makes me not feel like doing anything…🤪

Anyways. today I fought I’d list some of the things I find really help the horses I know with sweat itch. (And yes I realize that I’m a bit behind on this as we are already well into bug season… but whatever) my sisters horse Oliver has sweat itch… last summer was his first summer with us, and we tried many many different techniques to try and soothe his itching… some worked some didn’t but it still got pretty bad…😔 this year though, he is doing a lot better! I think it’s us knowing exactly what works, and starting before we even notice him itching.

These are what works for Oliver. They (of course) might not work for every horse, but if your like we were last year (frantically trying anything and everything) it might be worth a try😉

  • A good quality flysheet with a full hood and a belly band. (Also a big tail flap is a +) This is super big. The belly band really makes a big difference. The fly sheet is great to keep the bugs off, but really it also protects them from rubbing/biting themselves so bad… it’s too hot for ollie to wear his 24/7 but at night/evenings he wears it:)
  • A fly spray that is high in permethrin made a world of a difference for ollie. the best stuff we could find is this stuff:67697312-6CE4-41B7-8888-928A5A0C59D7D6EF257E-74EE-4563-AA02-0CF4573BAD49It’s (unfortunately 😭) wayyyyyy more $$$$ than our previous flyspray, but it does work really well. I think it is definitely worth it. The fly spray that we were using was only 0.05% permethrin… and the ultra shield EX is 0.50%!! A HUGE difference! I really lather it on when I apply it… everywhere!! (Except the face obviously) it says “17-day protection” but… we put it on about once a week, and that seems to work well🙂
  • For the face these little fly spray bingo dabber like things are super handy😉E12BEA77-01A8-4612-9C74-978D18CA163DAF619A3F-DBF9-4B22-A773-97A868E499D3again, look for a high permethrin % the ultra sheild ex has a 0.50% (same as the spray) and the Farnam stuff has a 0.40% so they are both pretty good!
  • For the mane and tail rubs we have found this witch hazel/aloe Vera combo to really quite down the rubbing!!D9EC73F1-40C6-4873-88ED-869C0B8D9FE1It’s not specifically meant for horses, but it seems to work great! Oliver has a lot more mane and tail this year! He gets it on about every second day, applied to the base of his mane and tail. Also it’s a nice easy to apply liquid😊
  • Comfort me!!! From ecolicous equestrian. I love love love this stuff. It’s all natural, and really soothing. It works miracles on bald patches… such as rubs and also you know those baldish patches that some horses get around their eyes? Either due to rubbing or allergies or something? Well Ollie (as well as my Rasty and Merlin) all get a little balder around the eyes in the summer… this stuff literally clears that all up! (Plus it smells absolutely amazing!)05950239-7511-48BD-8B98-CE006C1A09BE.jpeg
  • Fiske’s hoof and hide balm is great for really dry skin… although it doesn’t do much to help with the itching, it really helps moisturize! And often if they have been itching their skin will be raw/dry…☹️8B2D5E4A-1E87-4377-AD83-F299EA8BD24F.jpeg
  • NEEM OIL!!!!!!! Is an absolute MIRACLE but also the worst thing ever. I’ll explain. It works wonders for keeping the bugs away. Honestly better than anything else we’ve tried. But it smells super strongly like rotten garlic… so yeah. It’s absolutely DISGUSTING. But if you have a horse who is really bothered by the bugs I’d highly suggest trying it out! Just make sure to WEAR GLOVES! It won’t harm you to get it on yourself… but you literally won’t be able to get the (horrible) smell off your hands for days! We buy ours in a huge container from amazon. You can mix the neem oil with vitamin e cream so it was easier to apply if you want (it’s like a thick liquid-y-ish consistency so if you mix it with the vitamin e it’s more of a thin cream) Oliver gets it on his tummy, and we’ve tried it on the mane… I would not recommend putting it on the neck… it sloshed down his neck and then when he was ridden rubbed all on the reins and they got super slippery and stinky😖 but it’s seriously wonderful stuff! Make sure to buy pure neem though… we always buy organic too🙃 one thing to watch out for, it’s very concentrated and strong so Merlin (who is a super sensitive guy) will react to the neem oil if it gets to concentrated and built up on him… so just be sure to rub it in really well if your horse can be sensitive to stuff like that:) Ollie has never had any problems with it though😃4433E8AD-A2BA-4D0F-B69E-BBF06F90C410.jpeg
  • feeding ground flax seed and/or coconut oil! Oliver gets both in his grain. 1/2 cup of flax a day and about 1/4 cup coconut oil. they work really well for a healthy, smooth and shiny coat (so it’s good regardless of sweat itch!) and that just seems to help his itching if he has a healthier coat:) be both of these are quite fattening for horses so if your horse is an easy keeper you might need to feed small amounts…
  • feeding apple cider vinegar. I’ve heard that apple cider vinegar causes thiamine (vitamin B1) to be extracted through the skin and that repels insects… and apple cider vinegar is also beneficial in loads of other ways! There’s a interesting article Here about the benefits of ACV for horses. It also talks some more about the science behind why feeding ACV repels the bugs, if anyone is interested:)


so those are what what works best for ollie! If anyone has some tips for managing their sweat itch horses I’d love to hear them:) thanks for reading!!🐴🐴4F6C5A2D-FC11-4027-BC44-4732027E54F163D9DAE3-815A-4BA1-8C8F-35B38D74F8C452BA4A21-277C-4BDD-AE0C-7E5BF99D933871798E88-4A56-47B5-B722-62B513296AD576B54060-C3E6-4BF6-B22A-00CD6CEFAF9C