Tanta’s 2 week vet assessment and Rasty goes bridleless!

its been a busy week, but not busy with anything particularly exciting or interesting…

I haven’t been riding much because Tanta is still on stall rest and Fox is sore after having her shoes pulled. I did convince Maren to let me hop on Ollie a few days ago, and I’ve ridden Rasty a couple times.


Tuesday marked 2 weeks from when the vet looked at Tanta, so I trotted her and a video was sent to the vet. She is looking much better than she was when the vet saw her, but she isn’t sound yet at the trot, so she’s on 2 more weeks of stall rest.  Her leg has really swollen up too, just recently… which is concerning. So I’ve been icing and cold hosing her lots!

Some blankets that I ordered forever ago arrived! But then they were all too BIG!! Way too big. I dunno why… this brand must just fit reaaalllyy big. So I’ll have to ship those back… the worst part is that now I’ll have to get them back into those bags that blankets come in. So hard!!


Its hard to tell in the pic, but it literally hung off Tanta’s bum about a foot. At least.

I made a neckrope and tryed riding Rasty bridleless, which was super fun!! Rasty (as usual) was a perfect pony.


It was super fun!! I’ll definitely be riding him like that more often.


Stallrest, rehab, repeat.

Unfortunately that seems to be my “riding” schedule. Poor Tanta is back on stall rest 😖.



while I was away (the reason it’s been so quiet around here lately!) at Universal Studios (Harry Potter!!) and Disneyland, and generally having a fun time in the sun, Tanta jumped the paddock fence and got a “generalized muscle/tendon injury (strain) of the LF especially the flexor and abbuctor muscles of the proximal limb and elbow. This could be due to hyperextension or hyperabduction of the limb.” That’s what the vet report says anyways. We were still in California when the vet came, but my coach was able to be there to hold Tanta, and ice her on the days before the vet came out.

Why does she keep jumping out?😫

This… stinks. I mean, I am relieved that it turns out to be fairly minor, considering that when the vet came out she gave Tanta a 4/5 on the lameness scale, At the walk! Tanta should recover with just a couple weeks of stall rest. Hopefully anyways, there is a chance that it’s something higher up…

And she was healing up so well on her right front. My coach was going to ride Tanta on her rehab program while I was away, but she only ended up getting one ride in. They did get to trot though! And Tanta felt good! So at least the RF is good… now we just need all four legs to come/stay sound so we can do some eventing!! We were aiming for a clinic (and possibly horse trials) mid April, but that’s not happening anymore. It’ll be a minimum of six weeks until Tanta can jump, if all goes according to plan. (Cross fingers!!) so I guess the next event is in May. Except… there might be a scheduleing conflict with that one. We’ll see:)

Also, there’s like no new pics here… I took my phone with me last night to try and get some pics, but then I dropped it in Tanta’s water bucket 😦 luckily I put it in rice and it seems to be fine now!


winter update

Not much has been going on around here lately… it is currently snowing, and already a bunch has accumulated. (its been snowing since yesterday afternoon.)


needless to say that with all this snow our show has been cancelled. I actually scratched a few days ago, right before the closing date. didn’t want to trailer the horses in all this snow, but it’s cancelled anyways. and poor Fox is still lame 😦 we think maybe it was from the ice balls accumulating in her front shoes, and maybe she tripped and pulled something. poor pony. Tanta felt good though! we only walked for 20 mins, but still. I would love to ride her bareback for these walks, so I dont have to tack up for a tiny walking ride… plus bareback is so nice and warm in the winter… but she has been a little playful! so I think I’ll keep the saddle for now.


Maren has let me have a couple rides on Oliver, which has been nice. I had a super great dressage ride on him last night! he felt really good. That might have been partially because I put my saddle on him… I LOVE my dressage saddle… but I do think Oliver felt good too. he has gotten a little sneaky, where he will put his head down and look on the bit, but he is really on the forehand hollow back etc. oh and he also braces against the hand when he gets low. so we were working on staying a bit higher with his head (not high just not way tucked down/under) and engaging his hind end more. he was a very good boy ❤


what do you mean you want your hat back?


In my last post I was complaining about frozen buckets (ugh). Emma kindly pointed me towards Olivia’s blog, where she had a DIY insulated bucket tutorial! I did that, and it worked super well!! my bucket is a little funny looking, as we did not have enough of one tape to go all the way around… so it’s a mixture. lol.


But it WORKS!! It was completely ice free in the morning! the bucket next to it had a good 2 inches of ice on it.

The other thing I’ve found really helps with the freezing is putting something that floats in the water. It’s supposed to bob around and help prevent ice buildup. it seems to help. I used a dog sized Jolly ball for one bucket, and another smallish jolly ball for Tanta’s water. for Lilliput, I just put a small cooler in the corner of her stall and filled it with water. And put a floating dog toy in. she is so gentle with things, so I dont worry about it. although I wouldn’t trust one of the big horses with that setup…

Rasty has thicker buckets, and I close his stall up at night so his buckets dont usually freeze. Oliver was getting closed in his stall at night as well, and his buckets were fine (for the most part) but… Oliver will not pee in his stall. and every morning when we turned him out he would immediately have a big pee… we started feeling bad for him, so now the door to his run out stays open. which means the buckets would freeze, but Maren put a heated bucket in there. heated buckets freak me out, so I think I will try to make Ollie a insulated bucket to replace the heated one with.  I gave Tanta a thicker bucket (like Rasty’s) with a floaty, and it seems to work okay. it still gets slushy though… maybe she needs an insulated bucket too.






Sound ponies please.

The snow has been sticking around, although it’s more like a sheet of ice now. Yesterday it was a bit warmer/sunnier, and everything was starting to thaw out a bit. But this morning it’s snowing again…

Every morning starts like this:


We do have a heated bucket, but I like to brake this one open too… just in case…


oh and our hose is frozen so we have to haul buckets around to fill up the outside ones.



ANDDD!!! I can ride Tanta today (at the walk anyway) if she is sound. I haven’t actually trotted her since the vet was here a couple weeks ago, but considering she was looking so much better when we trotted her last, I have a good feeling.



I had been riding Foxy quite a bit, and my coach said I could take her in one of those schooling shows I was so bummed about missing!! We are currently signed up for the one next weekend, but when I rode Fox on Wednesday… LAME! Like hobbling lame. 😳 she was perfectly fine on Tuesday!! So we are thinking maybe it’s an abscess that hasn’t come out yet… because her lameness was so sudden and extreme. (Plus we couldn’t see anything on her leg) I need to check her today. Cross fingers she is looking better at least…


And even if Fox is sound in time for the show, will they cancel it? It is indoors, but still…

(show is Thursday to Sunday…. snow is called for on all of those days)


And I guess that’s it… I’m really hoping for some sound ponies!







Ummm… yesterday was so lovely! So sunny and warm… and today… lots of snow. It’s actually really pretty, but… weirdly different from yesterday.

It makes for some cute pictures though! Maren built a snowman in the horse paddock before we turned them out ponies out!😂 I’m sure she will be posting some videos on her Blog soon! They are realllllly cute😉

Maggie says this is exciting!
Ummm… was Lilliput standing outside all night?
Tanta says she is hungry and would like her food please.
Rasty says it is wet out. And can I please stay inside?
Oliver says SNOW!!


Ollie with his snowman!


And then… he decided to kill it.


Haha! All the horses had some fun out there!! Its unfortunate I can’t post videos on my blog, because there are some pretty funny ones… Finn also had some fun in the snow for the first time!




Window shopping/wish list!

I have not been riding as much lately, and I have had some extra time to do some (dangerous) window shopping. This has already led me to purchase some cross country boots for Tanta and a new show jacket… (both of which I got on really good sales!!😉) Here is a list of things I have restrained from instantly purchasing. How long I will be able to hold out though? I am unsure.

Motion Lite Competition Jacket


I mean… it’s amazing!!! I am sure this would be fantastic for some of the shows in the summer! And I just love this color. It would look so lovely with Tanta. But this color is called purple? It looks more burgundy to me… I would be slightly worried that it might be more purple in person? I have only seen this color in pictures. Not that I don’t love purple… but that might be a little too bright/colorfull for me as a show coat… and I um, just bought a show coat. So this is really completely NOT necessary… but STILL.


FITS full seat riding breaches


I have a pair of these exact breeches already!! They are my old XC ones and I love them very much. However, now that they are literally being held together with hot glue it seems like it might be time for a replacement. And I know, hot glue is probably not the best way to repair breeches, but um… I was late for a lesson!!


long sleeved purple shirt


For XC!! The only issue is that I am having trouble finding one to buy! I think maybe EIS doesn’t make this color anymore? It’s not on their website anyway. I’ve heard really good things about the Kastel Denmark shirts (but never owned one!), and they DO have a dark purple one. But I’m not a fan of the lighter purple mesh. Haha…


Nunn Finer Soft Grip Reins in PURPLE


I mean, the Nunn Finer Soft Grip reins are my all time FAVOURITES!!!!! and when I realized they came in PURPLE!!!!!?? For XC!!!!! Yes please! The only problem? The leather on the purple ones only comes in BROWN!!! *crying* but I am determined. Perhaps I could dye the leather bits black?


Purple XC ecogold saddle pad


More purple!! I need a saddle pad for XC that has some grip, as saddle pads have a tendency to slip around on tanta. Especially when she has her summer coat and is galloping! And I actually don’t have a grippy saddle pad. So this item is sort of needed? Don’t want my pony’s saddle pad getting all bunched up…😄


quick knot braid thingys


These look pretty awesome. I don’t love the look of elastic bands, but I am too lazy to sew in braids. I did it once (Never again…). So these seem perfect! But I am hesitate to purchase the Quick Knots as they are not cheap. Everyone who I have seen use these have really nice tidy looking braids (Although I have only seen photos. Not IRL). there is also the very real possibility that they are just better braiders than I am! I also wonder about the re-use ability? I have heard people say you can re-use them but I have also heard the opposite… hmmm.


Yikes! That’s it I think. Oh and Tanta needs wants a black jump bridle and breastplate. She has neither… yet. The ones pictured above belonged to my coach! And a white jump saddle pad… although I have not found any particular ones that I am in love with yet! (Phew? Haha.)

what about everyone else? Anything in particular you have been eyeing?

Tanta’s X-Rays!

The vet came out yesterday to X-Ray Tanta. this was our first time meeting this vet, but I really liked her! (in this post I will call her Dr. M and our regular vet Dr. C… otherwise this will get confusing real quick! lol) She seemed very thorough and informative. we first explained what had been going on for Tanta, and then we trotted her on the driveway. I got Maren to trot her so I could watch her go as well, and she actually looked a lot better than the last time I trotted her, about a week ago. we then trotted her on the lunge line both directions and she still looked pretty good! not 100% sound, (same on the driveway) but a lot better. this was very encouraging! I haven’t really been trotting her, as Dr. C had advised against that, because we were not sure what was bothering her.

Dr. M said she would normally consider a nerve block, but Tanta wasn’t lame enough to necessarily tell anything from that! which I was honestly pretty happy about.  we moved onto the X-Rays. we did quite a few views of the right front… and they were pretty clear!! the sesamoids look FINE!!!!! *phew* and the lump looked like… nothing on the X-Ray, so it is not in fact “a bony Lump”. The only thing that showed on the X-Ray was a little bit of arthritic changes in her coffin joint, but that is nothing unusual for a horse Tanta’s age and it wasn’t anything extreme. Dr. M doubted that was the cause. so what was the cause of the lameness? we are not 100% sure. Dr. M’s guess was maybe soft tissue injury, and the lump is scar tissue, or maybe Tanta bonked herself and because she does have some arthritic changes, bonking herself could potentially make her go a bit lame…

we also had Dr. M X-Ray the lump on Tanta’s nose. and she thought it looked good!! although she did say that face radiographs are the hardest to read, and she would show it to someone else in her clinic to be sure! it sure did look confusing!

sleepy Tanta ❤

so the plan is this

week 1: stall rest but she can have access to 1/2 of a run out. (need to go put a board in the middle tomorrow!! or more accurately; have to get dad to do that tomorrow!) she can also hand walk for 5 mins a day.

week 2 : same as above, but hand walks can now be 10 mins instead of 5.

week 3: Tanta can have a stall and a whole run out! hand walks can be 15 mins.

week 4: Same as above, but hand walks can now be 20 mins

week 5: if all is going well and Tanta is *cross fingers* sound, I can start riding her on her walks. they can be 20 mins (ish) still.

week 6: same as above but walks can increase to 25 mins… this is exciting stuff!

weeks 7-10 as shown in the chart below. I get to add trot and canter in if she is all good still!!


so yeah! that’s the plan… we will unfortunately miss all the schooling shows I was planning… I’m feeling pretty bummed about that. but I am so relived that Tanta should be feeling better soon! annnnddd we should ready to go for the first event in May! so that’s a plus.


I took Rasty on a bareback trail ride today… he was feeling fresh! there were multiple times on our ride I wished I’d had a saddle on! in the driveway, he actually tried to play buck.  he only actually put his head between his knees and gave a small hop, but if I hadn’t pulled his head up… Rasty never bucks! lol. then I trotted him and Maren watched. I like to see how he’s doing lameness wise when I take him out, although he is always pretty much the same… he felt pretty dang fantastic! not completely sound or anything… but better than he’s felt in a long time. he was also sooo hyper on the trail! he was spooking at everything that he normally does not bat an eye at. last time Dr. C was here, she suggested putting Rasty on the same thyroid medicine as Tanta and Lilliput are on, to help control his weight. I’m wondering if that is making him fresh. but he certainly felt good! so when we got back home I hopped off and asked Maren to trot him so I could watch him go. she did, and he looked quite terrible. not worse than normal, but definitely not how I thought he felt when I was riding him! I do find it hard to compare how lame a horse is riding vs. watching from the ground… but this was fairly extreme difference to how he felt. so I hopped back on and trotted him for Maren to see. then I hopped back off and trotted his with me leading. strangely enough, he is way sounder when I am on him… that’s a little weird isn’t it?? I have never heard of a horse being sounder under saddle than when in hand… huh! I will have to research that! 🙂