Tanta update Take 14

Or something. I feel like all my posts are updates on my various lame horses… anyways, I haven’t posted in awhile… Mostly because I can’t find my computer… which is weird, because I know It is definitely somewhere in the house. So it’s lost in my house. That’s how messy the house is 🙈 and my phone is malfunctioning a lot so typing on here is hard haha.  I am also currently mad at WordPress because I keep commenting on other’s posts and then WordPress eats them!


Back to the Tanta update. She *was* doing very well on her rehab program, and we wrapped that up. She got the go ahead to start jumping. She had been jumping for maybe half a week, and she was happy and still totally sound. BUT THEN! I rode her (this was about 2 weeks ago now) and we jumped a couple cross poles. She was still happy and sound. But then when I was untacking she was holding her right front off the ground! Of course instant panic sets in as I run over to pull her boot off. Annnddd her leg looked totally fine, no heat or swelling and it wasn’t sensitive. Hmm. I took her out to the driveway and trotted her, and she was totally sound. Weird. After that she was standing normally again, so I passed it off as a weird fluke. Maybe there was a small rock in her boot I didn’t see as I ripped it off in a panic. Or maybe she was lifting her front leg to try and scratch her face (she was cross tied so she wasn’t able to reach down) sounds weird but I wouldn’t put it past Tanta!


I rode her again the next day, she was sound which was good (obviously). We jumped a few x poles again. When I dismounted at the barn-same thing, she was holding her right front off the ground. Whaaa… I tied her up and had a look… it wasn’t hot or sensitive, but it did have some filling around the fetlock. And she stood normally as soon as I removed the boot. It would seem like the boots were bothering her, but she has worn both plenty of times without a reaction so I didn’t think that was it. She was still sound and the swelling went down within a hour. I texted the vet as well as my coach, and obviously didn’t ride her. They both thought it sounded weird. The vet recommended we go see the lameness vet… my coach suggested I try riding her in polo wraps. I decided to try the polos before a visit to the vet! My coach’s theory is that when Tanta jumps, therefore flexing her legs more, the boots (which one day were Majyk Equipe XC ones and the other day she was wearing hard shell open front boots, so both fairly stiff) irritate the lump on her leg (that is old scar tissue from the injury). So far so good with the polos! She has been ridden 3 times now in the combi wraps, and the plan is to give her seven rides in the combis/polos then gradually start jumping her again! It is great that it is HOPEFULLY an easy fix and no visit to the vet was required… but I also don’t want to speak too soon and jinx myself. After all, she hasn’t actually tried jumping in the combi wraps, and that’s where she was bothered in the boots… we’ll see😬! I really hope she will be ok with fuzzy boots because I just received my order of PURPLE METALLIC jumping boots from Punk ponies!! They are amazing and I’ll be really sad if I can’t use them! Also bummed because this whole situation means I will most likely be missing YR camp for the fifth year in a row… and the horse trials we had planned to attend right after. Oh well I guess. Next year I. Am. Going. To. YR camp. But then I say that every year😢


Maren is letting me ride Ollie in a dressage clinic today and tomorrow! I was booked to have my lessons on Tanta, then the whole holding weight off her leg thing happened… but I’m excited to ride Ollie! He has been really good lately.


Oh and look what arrived:


A “cute little boot” for Lilliput! We bought her two (plain black, this was before they made glitter ones) boots last year, but puppy Finn got ahold of one… so she needed a replacement boot. We ordered a black one to match-but they sent us a glitter!!! I’m not complaining-It’s adorable! Although she will have mis-matched feet… the obvious solution is to just order a second glitter boot😉

2 thoughts on “Tanta update Take 14

  1. Tanta! what is going on with that leg!? ollie is looking forward to his dressage lessons 😉 (well… he probably isn’t, but I’m looking forward to a fancy pants dressage pony, so…)


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