Dressage ride on Ollie

Today Maren let me ride Ollie! He wasn’t impressed…

Uh oh… dis is my aunty Brianna saddle…

Maren mentioned wanting to switch out Oliver’s bit, as she thought he could maybe be more consistent in the contact, and wasn’t sure if a different bit would help. He was using a bit our trainer suggested, that she had liked with her old horse. I dunno what it’s called, and I’d never seen one before Ollie’s. I meant to take a pic, but yeah I forgot.

Anyways, we had a look at our bit collection, and decided to try a simple Eggbutt French link.

New bit!

I also used my dressage saddle, which fits Ollie pretty darn good, despite being fit to Tanta.


As soon as I mounted and picked up a contact, I noticed how supple and soft he felt. Normally he can be a little bit stiff, and sometimes resisting. We warmed up with lots of walking and lateral work. We then moved onto some trot work. He felt so good!!! He was super on my aids, and ya know when it just feels like you can control where every step lands? Like that. He was really using his back too, so that was nice😉

Then came the canter… so… that didn’t go quite so smooth. Hahaha… first, it took me ages to actually get the canter. Like, he just wouldn’t. I eventually gave up trying to get a nice transition and just gave him a good “pony club kick”. It did the trick. But it was also a super ugly transition… so I went for a very forward canter, then came back to the trot. And then worked on getting a nice(ish) trot-canter transition. Once we got that sorted, he was a lot better.

He tends to “tranter” a bit, and fall to the inside. And cutting the corners is his favourite.

So anyways, I needed to sort myself out before I could get him to do anything correctly. So that meant shortening my reins (isn’t that always the answer though? Haha), carrying my hands (sneaky inside hand likes to drift downwards), and I need to actually use my inside leg. If I’m not thinking about it, my inside leg likes to slack off and I try to use my inside rein instead… which needless to say does not normally work well. Especially on a tranter-er who likes to cut corners. So anyways, once I figured out what I had to do, and rode him FORWARD into my hands, instead of pulling with my hands, he was super. Yeah, it was sorta rough around the edges, but definitely some improvement!!

Modelling his new boots

After I was finished Maren hopped on and thought he felt great! So that’s cool. Hopefully I’ll be allowed on him again soon😁

5 thoughts on “Dressage ride on Ollie

  1. Haha. Sure! Ollie felt awesome once you’d schooled him a bit😉 also you’re saddle ❤ ❤ and he seemed to like the new bit! Yippee! BREAKTHROUGH!

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