Tanta’s 2 week vet assessment and Rasty goes bridleless!

its been a busy week, but not busy with anything particularly exciting or interesting…

I haven’t been riding much because Tanta is still on stall rest and Fox is sore after having her shoes pulled. I did convince Maren to let me hop on Ollie a few days ago, and I’ve ridden Rasty a couple times.


Tuesday marked 2 weeks from when the vet looked at Tanta, so I trotted her and a video was sent to the vet. She is looking much better than she was when the vet saw her, but she isn’t sound yet at the trot, so she’s on 2 more weeks of stall rest.  Her leg has really swollen up too, just recently… which is concerning. So I’ve been icing and cold hosing her lots!

Some blankets that I ordered forever ago arrived! But then they were all too BIG!! Way too big. I dunno why… this brand must just fit reaaalllyy big. So I’ll have to ship those back… the worst part is that now I’ll have to get them back into those bags that blankets come in. So hard!!


Its hard to tell in the pic, but it literally hung off Tanta’s bum about a foot. At least.

I made a neckrope and tryed riding Rasty bridleless, which was super fun!! Rasty (as usual) was a perfect pony.


It was super fun!! I’ll definitely be riding him like that more often.


4 thoughts on “Tanta’s 2 week vet assessment and Rasty goes bridleless!

  1. Aw Tanta. Good that she’s doing a bit better.

    Rasty is such a star! What a good horse! Considering he’s mostly been out of riding for close to two years, I’m very impressed with his bitless skills!


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