Stallrest, rehab, repeat.

Unfortunately that seems to be my “riding” schedule. Poor Tanta is back on stall rest 😖.



while I was away (the reason it’s been so quiet around here lately!) at Universal Studios (Harry Potter!!) and Disneyland, and generally having a fun time in the sun, Tanta jumped the paddock fence and got a “generalized muscle/tendon injury (strain) of the LF especially the flexor and abbuctor muscles of the proximal limb and elbow. This could be due to hyperextension or hyperabduction of the limb.” That’s what the vet report says anyways. We were still in California when the vet came, but my coach was able to be there to hold Tanta, and ice her on the days before the vet came out.

Why does she keep jumping out?😫

This… stinks. I mean, I am relieved that it turns out to be fairly minor, considering that when the vet came out she gave Tanta a 4/5 on the lameness scale, At the walk! Tanta should recover with just a couple weeks of stall rest. Hopefully anyways, there is a chance that it’s something higher up…

And she was healing up so well on her right front. My coach was going to ride Tanta on her rehab program while I was away, but she only ended up getting one ride in. They did get to trot though! And Tanta felt good! So at least the RF is good… now we just need all four legs to come/stay sound so we can do some eventing!! We were aiming for a clinic (and possibly horse trials) mid April, but that’s not happening anymore. It’ll be a minimum of six weeks until Tanta can jump, if all goes according to plan. (Cross fingers!!) so I guess the next event is in May. Except… there might be a scheduleing conflict with that one. We’ll see:)

Also, there’s like no new pics here… I took my phone with me last night to try and get some pics, but then I dropped it in Tanta’s water bucket 😦 luckily I put it in rice and it seems to be fine now!


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