Sound ponies please.

The snow has been sticking around, although it’s more like a sheet of ice now. Yesterday it was a bit warmer/sunnier, and everything was starting to thaw out a bit. But this morning it’s snowing again…

Every morning starts like this:


We do have a heated bucket, but I like to brake this one open too… just in case…


oh and our hose is frozen so we have to haul buckets around to fill up the outside ones.



ANDDD!!! I can ride Tanta today (at the walk anyway) if she is sound. I haven’t actually trotted her since the vet was here a couple weeks ago, but considering she was looking so much better when we trotted her last, I have a good feeling.



I had been riding Foxy quite a bit, and my coach said I could take her in one of those schooling shows I was so bummed about missing!! We are currently signed up for the one next weekend, but when I rode Fox on Wednesday… LAME! Like hobbling lame. 😳 she was perfectly fine on Tuesday!! So we are thinking maybe it’s an abscess that hasn’t come out yet… because her lameness was so sudden and extreme. (Plus we couldn’t see anything on her leg) I need to check her today. Cross fingers she is looking better at least…


And even if Fox is sound in time for the show, will they cancel it? It is indoors, but still…

(show is Thursday to Sunday…. snow is called for on all of those days)


And I guess that’s it… I’m really hoping for some sound ponies!


4 thoughts on “Sound ponies please.

  1. Ugh. Frozen buckets are the WORST.
    (That Gif is hilarious though.)

    Hopefully both Tanta and Foxy are sound!! Ollie and I had been looking forward to you and Foxy coming to the show with us!


  2. aw i hope everyone comes sound and the show goes on!! that black browband looks super good on Tanta too 😀

    re: the frozen buckets, ugh. that’s the worst. another blogger Olivia from DIY Horse Ownership has promised a DIY tutorial on insulated buckets using duct tape, i think. i have one of those smartpak insulators and while it’s not going to 100% prevent freezing, it does help at least a little bit! stay warm!


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