I’ve missed those ears!


I rode Merlin today! I haven’t ridden him in awhile, not because I didn’t want to… just because I’d been busy getting Tanta conditioned again etc. But now that Tanta is on stall rest… I’ve had some extra time on my hands. (Also! Side-note; we found a vet to look at Tanta tomorrow! 😬)



I can’t believe how fluffy he is!!! You can’t even tell the amount of fuzz from the pics…

His cute trick…



I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed riding the Merler until I ride him this evening. He is such a fun horse to ride!

Also, I got to use my new Jin Stirrups that I got for Christmas for the first time! As I’ve only ridden twice (😳) since Christmas! One of those rides was a bareback wander on Rasty, and the other I rode Ollie, and used Marens saddle… theoretically I could have put my stirrups onto her saddle, but she got new stirrups too, soooo… I just used hers.


Arent they prettyyy!?!🥰 And super comfortable too!! I love them…


(Sorry for the bad quality pics… They just didn’t turn out today… lol)


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