Quick Tanta update.

Tanta is still on stall rest. She was really hating being stuck in a stall, so we borrowed three round pen panels from my coach, and assembled those outside to form a stall sized pen for Tanta in the day. We put it at the bottom of Lilliput’s run out, where there is already a gate. 4BFD048B-5E27-4DDC-9416-C5C99551E2D2.jpeg

I should have just gotten an actual picture… but I didn’t think of that and now it’s dark out. Basically, the red lines are the panels, the pink lines Lilliput’s run out, the green lines the horse paddock fence, and the yellow line is the gate. She can now sniff noses with all her friends, and she is a lot happier. The lump on her leg has almost doubled in size, which is really concerning me. She needs x rays, but we are having a difficult time finding a vet to come out. There is no equine vet where we live, but a few visit routinely. Unfortunately our regular vet (who looked at Tanta about a week ago) does not have an x-ray machine… we tried another vet who has looked at our horses in the past, but he is not scheduled to visit until the end on January, and I’m not comfortable waiting that long.😟 Someone suggested another vet, but it turns out they don’t come here anymore. And we tried to get ahold of three other vets too, two of which have not gotten back to us, and another whose phone number was out if service! So really hoping that one of those two vets are coming out here soon. If not we will have to trailer her into town, which is okay, it’s just a really long day for Tanta and it would be nice if we could avaoid that’s yeah! Fingers crossed we can get her looked at soon!!


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