Bloghop: Favorites of 2018

Today I’m doing a super fun blog hop that Amanda from The $900 Facebook pony started! (Although I’ve only done some of the questions, not all of them:) It’s taken me… awhile to get to it. Also, my pictures are scattered throughout my phone and multiple computers… so it took some looking to find the ones I wanted for this post. (Yes, that is my excuse. And we are just going to roll with it😉)

Favourite show picture


Favourite non-show picture


favourite thing you bought


A6257517-A64F-4588-A7E0-F8BAC23124F9I am sort of cheating here. I could not choose… plus I didn’t technically buy Tanta myself. My parents did👍🏼😁 and Finn… is not really horse-y.

favourite between the ears picture


I can’t decide who’s ears I like looking at the best…

favourite horse ridden (or groomed/cared for) besides your own


Definitely Merlin! He belongs to my coach but she let me ride and show him this last spring/summer. He is amazingly fun to ride and such a snuggly pony!

favourite funny picture of your horse



First pic is Merlin at a horse show and the second one is Poor Rasty who was not impressed with the stabling at one of the shows I took Merlin to last summer. (Rasty came along to go to the vets🙁) after this picture was taken, we convinced Rasty to come in. I was then adding some bedding to the stall for him, with just a stall guard up, and Rasty busted under the stall guard and trotted off!! That is… not like Rasty at all. Lol.

favourite fence that you successfully jumped or moment that you conquered


I Think this would have to be performing my freestyle at a horse show in July. I really didn’t have very much time to practice, so I was quite nervous about that. And we ended up scoring our best score ever!!

favourite horse meme



Both of these are so true for me!!

happy New Years everyone!!🥳



8 thoughts on “Bloghop: Favorites of 2018

  1. Aww! All those pictures are adorable🥰 I adore pictures of ponies ears! And this post looks like it would be a lot of fun! I’ll have to steal it. I totally know what you mean about pictures being all over the place, I can’t even find half my pictures when I’m looking for them! :-O


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