A visit from the vet…

Just over a week ago Tanta and I had a jumping lesson. it was great fun and Tanta felt very good!  we were focusing on staying reeeaallly straight on the approach and landing of some little tiny jumps… which was actually quite tough for us. lol. (My coach also had me work on keeping my hip angle more closed… riding only dressage for the last year hasn’t helped!) after we finished jumping I went to do some stretchy trot with Tanta before ending our ride, but she was off on her right front. me and my coach both looked her leg over and neither of us could see or feel any lumps/bumps/heat/swelling on her leg. so it was decided upon that I would ice her leg and wrap her that night. I was *hoping* that she was just brewing an abscess. buuuuut when I went out and unwrapped her the next morning… bony lump right on the inside of her fetlock!! nooooooo…

I trotted her that morning, and she was still off on it, although maybe a smidge less so. and me feeling the lump did not seem to bother her at all. I tried to get a picture of it, but her leg is so fluffy the lump didn’t show up… but the lump is roughly the size of a quarter.

I then showed the lump to my coach, as I normally do when one of my horses develops some sort of strange lump and I dont know what’s going on… she thought the lump was on Tanta’s sesamoid bone. “lump on horses sesamoid bone” is not something you want to google. it’s a very good way to freak yourself out…😟

my coach suggested putting her on stall rest with the run out (so not full stall rest), ice her at least once a day and then wrap her front legs at night. at least until our vet could come and look at her. I’ve been doing this, but the lump and lameness are still there. Today our vet came to look at her, and confirmed that the lump is on her sesamoid bone and recommended X-rays… unfortunately our vet does not have an X-ray machine so we will need to get another vet up soon.

Old (but cute❤️) pic of Tanta

Tanta was also due to get her teeth floated. she has a lump on the side of her face due to a tooth infection that she got awhile ago, while she was in foal with Raven. at the time it could not be removed because it would have (obviously) required sedation, and that couldn’t happed while she was pregnant. so now it could be removed, but the last X-ray she had looked perfect, and the lump has grown way smaller! so removing it may not be necessary anymore… it looks a bit funny, but it really does not bother her. so when we X-ray her leg we will also x-ray her mouth to see what’s going on with that. if she does not need the operation that would be nice. apparently it is quite a procedure to remove a horse tooth…

Tanta with her newborn little Raven awhile ago🥰🦄

sooooo. cross fingers my Tanta is sound and feeling better soon! and while our vet was here she checked up on Rasty, who is on a diet… she was pleased that he had lost weight, YAY!! but of course he needs to lose more weight still… and he is DESTROYING our fence…

I know… bad pic. Ignore the ollie nose.

I assume its because he is bored, but I am also concerned because we used to have a OTTB boarded at our place who started chewing wood because he had ulcers…

Also, on a completely different note… I’ve been doing a little bridle shopping/research. I would like to buy a new bridle for Tanta to jump in… she has a dressage bridle from Solo Equine, which me and Tanta both really like. but for jumping, I would like something a little less… bulky. (of course I bought the solo bridle with the widest noseband🥰) I just cant find anything that I love… it needs to be black to match my saddle… plus, I’m really picky. like, basically I want a buttery soft unicorn bridle! but that fits into my small budget! I am considering a Micklem, as that’s what I always used on Rasty. he really liked his, and I was pleased with the quality… but, that being said, I have used a Micklem on Tanta before, and she really didn’t notice a difference. sooooo…  I am in love with the Butet bridles. but, um, those do NOT fit in the budget. maybe I can find one used?

If anyone has a favorite jumping bridle, I’d love to hear!


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