Frisky ponies!

Tanta’s new winter blankie got here yesterday. And just in time, It’s been getting cold at night! She looks so very sweet in it, and it fits her great! And (most importantly) it’s been keeping her warm and cozy☺️


So far this year the weather here has been pretty amazing. I mean, it’s been cold, but dry. Normally it’s sooo wet here. I actually sorta like the cold weather… (to an extent)  BUT Tanta has been sooooo frisky! She is actually pretty fun to ride when she’s feeling spicy, because she’s so forward. And I know she won’t do anything terrible… like, she’ll toss her head around and sorta thump her front feet out in front of her and maybe porpoise a little or even a poo buck… or perhaps a mild scoot… but that’s it. it sounds worse that it is lol. It’s very mild. She has a very smooth way of playing and she still listens to you (no running away or anything!)

I had a lovely ride on her this evening, despite the hyper-ness. (Also, there was a rugby game going on in the other arena but she couldn’t have cared less!) I was planning on practicing our flying changes, but… decided that it probably wasn’t the best day for that. She is the only horse I’ve ever met that always changes her hind legs before her front legs. And still manages to get a clean change! She always hops up and adds a bit of extra oomph with her back legs😂 it’s pretty cute. However if she is feeling fiery, a bit of extra oomph can quickly turn into a lot of extra oomph! I mean… she probably would have behaved herself, but really it was cold and dark… and if it didn’t turn out I didn’t feel like spending awhile schooling it. Also, Tanta has good lead changes. It’s me that needs the extra practice😅



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