Tanta has a new winter haircut!

Tanta was definitely in need of a winter clip, she was very fluffy.🐻 last week I gave her a blanket clip, with the new clippers that me and my sisters bought to clip our horses!

It was my third time clipping a horse, but my first time doing a blanket clip. last year Tanta got a trace clip and Rasty had a sort of bib clip… I just clipped his shoulders, chest and half of his neck but left his girth and everything else…

I don’t have a good picture of Tanta with her clip, but I’m pretty happy with it! It is definitely not perfect, but it is better than last year, so at least I’m getting better!

And it is doing it’s job! I’ve taken her out quite a few times since I gave her the clip and it is working wonderfully to keep her cool while riding and easy to cool out after.

the clippers that we bought are the andis  AGC super 2 speed, in green. They worked very well! Last year when I clipped Tanta I borrowed some clippers, as I didn’t have any at the time. They were the andis AGC super 2 speed (like the ones I ended up buying) and a larger pair. The larger ones were definitely faster, but I felt more comfortable with the smaller/lighter/quiter ones. And they didn’t have any trouble getting through Tanta’s thick winter coat!

I was considering clipping a design onto her bum… but I couldn’t think of anything good. Last year I did a heart, which was adorable but also a bit lopsided… lol. So I think I’ll just leave her as is. (But I might add a design later on if I think up something awesome!)

I ordered her a winter blanket about the same time as clipping her… It’s not here yet, but fortunately Maren has been loaning me Oliver’s winter blanket For when it gets cold!

After a LOT of searching around, I settled on the Amigo Bravo 12 plus heavyweight turnout. I really like the quality of the Amigos. For Christmas two years ago I was given an Amigo 100g blanket for Rasty and it has been the best blanket I’ve ever had! The fit is great, it stays in place and does not slip around on his like some other blankets do. And the waterproofness is amazing! I don’t think it’s ever soaked through. And it can get very wet here… so in 2 years that’s pretty great! almost all of Rasty’s other blankets have soaked through at one point or another… also, I really like the reflective detailing. multiple times it has been the reason I’ve noticed when Rasty has gotten out of his paddock at night! (He is a very skilled escape artist) oh and they seem to be very strong! Rasty’s does not have any rips or tears and he destroys most blankets!

Anyways… I am very excited for my Tanta’s early Christmas present to get here! I am not entirely sure what colour I ordered!! After forever deciding what blanket to buy, I don’t even know what colour I got?! I was really tired…😬 I think it’s navy blue. I am almost 1/2 wishing I’d gotten black and white… she just looks really good in black… but I don’t think the place I wanted to order it from had black. And really I love the navy too!! We’ll see!

Old (but cute❤️) pic of Tanta as my phone is too fuuuuuuullllll go get new ones!😫

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