Not too much has been going on this week… except for my very exciting news; Tanta moved over to our house a couple days ago from my coaches place next door!!

She is now fully weaned from Raven, they were very slowly and gradually separated at my coaches place. They both seemed very chill about it for the most part which was nice:) I think Tanta felt better being able to see Raven and knowing she was fine and Raven was with her auntie Fox who she adores!

When Tanta came over here a few days ago, we put her by herself in our smaller paddock that shared a fence line with the larger paddock. Maggie and Oliver were in the larger one and Rasty and Lilliput where in their stalls with run ins. Maggie and Oliver were being very friendly and Rasty seemed to be sad that he was missing out on visiting Tanta!!😞 so I felt bad and put him out in the big paddock with Maggie and Ollie… which was probably not a very wise idea… Rasty can be quite dramatic… so he got Tanta a bit worked up I think. Actually not only Tanta… M and O too… I was just walking to the gate to leave the paddock and I looked back and see Tanta sailing over our gate!! Luckily she had jumped into our front yard which is fully fenced. But it’s not a small gate!! 7EC4A472-4F6E-4F59-AC8B-E48F3E4AB11E

I was actually quite surprised! It’s much more Tanta’s style to stomp down a fence that to jump it… it took us quite a while to catch her as she was racing around so much in our yard. Jumping anything in her way… the bench… stack of firewood… etc. It was actually sorta funny… or is now anyway. I was too worried she’d hurt herself while she was tearing around our yard. (Especially when she lept over the pile of wood with an AXE stuck in it😖!) but she was fine!! Phew.

We returned her to her paddock and threw Ollie in with her to hopefully distract her and make her feel less alone. Oliver is the best with new horses, he gets along with everybody and just wants to be friends🤗 (oh and Rasty went back into his stall/run in!)0A990B1B-D322-461E-9D5E-A60674438779

The pic is of Tanta meeting ollie in the paddock lol. Oliver has been with her since and she’s been very happy and calm:)

I’ve been taking her on some trail rides with Maren and Rasty as I can’t ride her at my coaches arena yet, because we don’t want her te see Raven and then want to jump the fence again when I bring her back here. (there’s been almost no whinnying between her and raven and neither of them seems upset, but still)


Dont Rasty and Tanta have the cutest ears?!?! Rasty has little Arabian ears that prick right up when he’s focused on something and Tanta has tiny SUPER FUZZY Canadian ears! A6257517-A64F-4588-A7E0-F8BAC23124F9.png

also speaking of fuzz… I’m going to clip Tanta soon. She is soooo fuzzy!! I think I’ll give her a blanket clip… She definitely needs it!🐻

Oh and the bears!! Putting the bear emoji just reminded me about them! We seem to be having a bit of a bear issue… One morning when I went out to feed our horses breakfast the feed room doors were open and there was grain all over the place. Feed bins pushed over, mashes from the buckets all 1/2 eaten… the bin of rice bran was completely gone! But the bears left the scoop and the lid! My mom found the bin later that day in our neighbours bushes… so the next night we screwed a board onto the feed room across both doors so you can’t open the doors unless you unscrew the board… or just rip it off!! With all the door trim😳 which is exactly what they did… I didn’t wake up (heavy sleeper!) but both my parents woke up to some squealing. At the time we had a pony who was here for just a couple weeks. Poor Maggie had gotten scared by the bears breaking into the feed room and broke down her stall door! Then ran over to the gate into the paddock to be with the visiting pony, who was squealing at her. So my parents scared away the bears and screwed the board right onto the shed (no trim this time) which has worked so far! But they come to check almost every night!! (And broke in the one night we forgot to put the board up) Our poor feed room door is getting more and more scratched up☹️ And last night we had a raccoon trying to break in!!

Oh and I got to ride Maggie yesterday! She is so very sweet❤️❤️


Also it’s been reallllly cold here…. and somewhat wet (on and off) but as soon as it rains our poo pile turns into a mud pit… which makes dumping wheelbarrows terribly unpleasant…FB967F3A-64EE-43A4-8E85-607F77AF57AC.jpeg


Soooo wet. You can’t really see in this pic but to properly dump the wheelbarrows you have to push all the way up the pile then dump them off the back, Which is… basically impossible when it’s that wet.



Then it turns SUPER muddy and it’s even harder to dump😖

anways sorry… I’m sure you really wanted to hear about or poo pile…

oh and the hunt! The annual humane fox hunt (meaning there’s no live fox, instead they lay a scent for the hounds to follow) that’s held at our coaches place was last Saturday! Unfortunately I didn’t ride in it this year as I didn’t have horse that was up to it. Rasty for obvious reasons was unable to, and Tanta is still regaining her fitness after Raven:)  But I did get to watch which is always fun! It ran through our property too! Here’s some (not very good) pics of the hounds.38E88591-DD53-4EE2-8C90-718C2B5981F0FB971CD5-7A3E-4BC6-819E-01EFBB269E57

it was unfortunately wet and cold… and we got to our viewing area waaaaaay too early and stood in the cold for like 45 mins before the hunt rode by… but it was fun to watch!!

anyways, it seems, after I’ve written this long post, more happened this week than I thought… 🧐😄426DA709-1FAB-4908-923F-A04CCEA5C60BA22E1EDC-9CBD-458F-8E21-A7B8C7389A9D

And ugh I have a bunch more photos I wanted to put on here but my. Phone. Won’t. Let me.😡😡 And it won’t let me share them to the computer to post through that😡😡 so I’ll figure something out eventually… more pics to come!

4 thoughts on “Tanta!❤️

  1. Tanta is very sweet!! And that gate is big!! I had no idea she’d try to jump it😂 and ugh😖 the poo pile is the WORST! So gross. AND THAT PICTURE OF OLLIE AND TANTA IS THE CUTEST?!?!?😍😍😍😍 Ollie is amazing!


  2. she is❤️❤️ me neither!! Much more her style to stomp something…(I mean good that she didn’t kill any fences, but still…) and So hard to dump…😫 hopefully It dries out soon(unlikely😣). They are sooo cute together💜 and Oliver is pretty awesome!!


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