Update on my Rasty…

EF58C2EA-F48D-4CBA-8E1A-835196A110E5I haven’t done any updates on Rasty in quite awhile… unfortunately he is still lame😥 After This update    He went back to the vet, he got more injections (this time a narvicular bursa injection and also osphos…) as well as other stuff (nerve blocks, flections, lameness sensors etc.) for a little while he was actually looking better. I think that it was mostly the reverse shoe on his right front.

Screenshot of a post awhile ago with a small Rasty update.

So with the shoes he was looking pretty good! But unfortunately that stopped working in a few weeks… he slowly became more lame until he was back where he was before the shoes☹️ So we kept them on for another set, just to see what happened… but at this point the didn’t seem to be making any difference. Except that Rasty’s feet weren’t looking too great. Before that he had always been barefoot and his feet looked a lot better/healthier that way, so we pulled the shoes.

Our vet came Last week to look at him and float our horses teeth. she thinks that it’s alright to ride him on walks (as he’s not lame in the walk) and it’s not a new injury (it originally bothered him about 2 years ago, but recovered with stall rest and SLOW rehab… then right as he was reaching perfect condition, boom lame again😔 which was 8 months ago now) And this time stall rest didn’t help at all…. so if resting isn’t making him feel better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe a bit more exercise would help… (especially if it’s arthritis) also he is SUPER chubby…😕 Rasty and Lilliput are now in the diet paddock… soaked hay and minimum grain for them :/

You can see on this pic he’s a little chunky…

Hoping he will recover completely, but that seems fairly unlikely at this point. Rasty really does seem to enjoy getting out for walks on the trail so it’s great that he is allowed to do those☺️ I enjoy taking him out as well. I normally ride him bareback, so that’s fun!

Aslo, sorry about the old photos, my phone is very full so it’s not working very well right now. It won’t let me take photos from my camera roll..🙄

Rasty enjoying a roll:)



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