the cutest baby horses😍 + mild panicking😬

Hi!! So the super duper excited news!!! Tanta and Velvet has two healthy and adorable foals!!


This is Tanta and her super cute filly Raven💙 she is two days old and such a sweet horsie already!!😊


And… Velvet and her adorable colt Valentino!!😍 he is six days old now!!

They are are both so lovely💕 it is so amazing to have them next door😊


now… the panicking… has nothing to do with the foals.

im going to a horse show in (ack!) under a week😬 and I’ll be doing my freestyle dressage test which is always a struggle for me to get all done and rehearsed in time… I think I’ve got this one somewhat good(ish). Maybe. 

my coaches riding ring (where I do my riding for the most part😄) is not 60 meters long… it’s hard to time the music correctly with a ring that is shorter than the one that’ll be used in competition!! But we were able to trailer to someone else’s ring where they kindly let me practice my freestyle with music!😊 and it actually rode pretty well! (Well the first one was a bit all over the place… but I feel we had improved by the third time through so I think it was a success!) it was so nice to be able to ride it a few times and be more prepared for where my transitions where going to come up!😆

also I really need to get Merlin re-shod before the show… he might be ok as he isn’t due for a little while longer, but he does grow his feet pretty fast… and has gone a bit off before if left too long (well he wasn’t even due yet that time so that’s why I’m trying to get him done so early this time!!) but he also sometimes gets a bit sore from holding up his legs for so long to be shod… so he needs to be shod as soon as possible to allow as much time as we can before the show. Unfortunately our farrier got kicked in the arm☹️ (he was OK, just really sore!!) So I’m not really sure what to do about that… which is where a lot of the panic is coming from! I realllllly don’t want a lame Metlin right before our show! (Or ever of course. That timing would just be extra stinky😣)


so yeah!! I’ve been super busy so I’m sorry for such in-frequent posting! I will try and do better but I honestly can’t see myself posting much until after the show…


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