The BEST chocolate milkshake (in my opinion anyway)

Photorealistic illustration of chocolate milkshakehi! This is my new favourite chocolate milkshake!! It’s so easy and absolutely delicious😋 I LOVE milkshakes…they are one of my favourite treats in the summer (although I’ll never say no to ice cream, even when it’s freezing out!) I’ve always just made up my milkshakes as I go… they normally turn out good, but this milkshake was so delicious I’ve been making it whenever I feel like a milkshake (I totally don’t eat this for breakfast… ever…)

so here’s the recipe! (It makes one large cup full) I tried to do one of those pics of all the things you’ll need… then realized I’d forgotten the ice cream scoop… then measuring spoons… and also a spatula… haha! I’d already moved everything and started on the shake by the time I realized… oops!! So I won’t put it in… all you need is:

  • 4 large scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • 3/4 cup of almond milk
  • 2 tbsp of your favourite hot chocolate mix
  • a little hot water

**UPDATE** I just recently made this shake again…. I’m not sure what I was doing saying 4 scoops?? I mean, I wrote this post while making the milkshake and I used 4 big scoops… (and it turned out a great consistency) they must have been HUGE scoops!!! When I made this yesterday I actually needed to use 12 scoops to get it thick enough to be a milkshake!! That did serve 2 but I used the same amount of other ingredients?? So I’d say just keep adding ice cream until you reach the desired thicness, or if you want only enough for one person (but really who minds having extra big milkshake portions??) is just add a little less milk… sorry!!! Apparently I’m a very confused milkshake maker…


I’m sure you could substitute almond milk for normal milk or another type of milk if you prefer. I do really like the flavour the almond milk gives it though, Which is very odd as I don’t normally like almond milk¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we were out of normal milk when I first make this, so I had to use it and liked it so much I’ve only made it with almond milk!

as for the hot chocolate mix, my all time fave is this stuff⬇️


It’s so delicious!! But really whenever you have on hand should work just fine😊

Now for actually making the milkshake all you do is dissolve the hot choc mix in a little bit of hot water (you don’t need much, it can be thick) then throw that, the almond milk and the ice cream and blend it up!! Done!



Now… I meant to get a better picture of the finished shake…(while hoping nobody actually noticed me photographing my milkshake…😝) but by the time I was done cleaning up the kitchen… I’d… umm… drank most of it…😬 so there was a little bit still left but I thought that looked sorta cheesy sooooooo no good pic😞 (Hence the clip art milkshake😂)

thanks for reading and if you try out this shake, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!😄




6 thoughts on “The BEST chocolate milkshake (in my opinion anyway)

  1. This sounds so good!! Now I’m craving milkshakes! But we don’t have a blender… or ice cream… 😢


  2. Mmmmm😋. This looks amazing Brianna! I will have to try this when we finally get some hot chocolate powder🙄.


    1. Thanks! You might be able to use some coco powder and sugar as a sub for the chocolate drink mix? That’s what we usually do whenever we want hot choc but are out of the powder! 😄


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