Horse trials + Tantara + schooling Ollie + Rasty update + my puppy Finn!😍

Hellooooooooo! Finally! Sorry I was absent for so long, I didn’t plan to be… it’s just been busy :/

last weekend was a horse trials which my sister was riding in (not me though😢) it was fun…. ish…. well, I do enjoy going along and hanging out, helping out, watching, taking pictures etc. BUT the weather could have been better, it wasn’t terrible just not great. The first day was meh then the second day I got burnt (even though it wasn’t hot out) then the third day was pouring rain! So cross county was a bit slippery, But no bad slips that I saw/heard about, so that’s good!


It looked like so much fun though!! And I wished I was riding so bad!!! Next year, once Tanta has had her baby (anytime now!!) we’ll be out there!! (Hopefully!)


I haven’t talked much about rasty on here in awhile, but he is looking much better!! Not 100% yet, but getting there, I think😁 he’s gotten an Osphos injection as well as a reverse shoe on his right front that seems to be making him a lot better!EF4D6D97-E425-45CE-87FE-879A45154E80.jpeg

(The ground has been so dry… time to start soaking in the pond!)

I’ve ridden my sister’s (very cute!) Eventer a few times trying to school him a little on his dressage (if I do a dressage ride she lets me do a jump ride on him!!!) we’ve made a little progress in the canter mostly, he’s pretty good in the trot but gets very above the bit in the canter transition…😜FB28ADCA-83DB-443A-A313-246682F7FC577D3D83D4-AA49-40A8-8A06-860554AE1286

and I’m so excited, my puppy gets to come home tomorrow!!! His name is Finn 😍 he is sooooooooooo cute I can’t even! He’s come for a couple home visits (one today and another yesterday) it’s very nice that he lives only two minutes up the road😄 our golden retriever Daisy loves him and he loves her!! I didn’t think she would do anything to Finn, I just also didn’t think she would be so so good with him!!cant wait to get him home tomorrow! 😍


4 thoughts on “Horse trials + Tantara + schooling Ollie + Rasty update + my puppy Finn!😍

  1. HeHe my Horse is the CUTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And he’s soooooo fun!!! 😂 also plz text me a couple of those pup pics!! Maybe the ones from today?!???🐶😍🐶


    1. Haha! Ollie sure is cute… he is fun… very different from what I’m used to though! I’ll text you the pics:)


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