Our dressage tests…

9116D5FB-80A1-4CAA-A150-6F55A09892E4Soooo  our tests were…. interesting… let’s just say that day two was better. Merlin is the kind of horse that gets really attached to his neighbors when away, if they leave he sometimes tries to jump out. Luckily he could not jump out of the stalls at this show and he did not even try at all, he was very good. But he did get very attached to a big Clydesdale that was stabled behind him…

In my warm up for my first test (the schedule was unfortunately very spaced out so I had to warm up individually for each test) it was going great, then halfway through the Clydesdale comes in. Merlin was facing the other direction. He wheeled around so he’s facing the Clydesdale and tries to run towards him! We got back to work but he was very distracted… it was a relief when it was our turn to go into the ring as we would be getting away from the Clydesdale. I’m just heading up centreline, and guess whose on deck for after me? Yup. So in comes the Clydesdale, into the holding ring which is right outside the dressage arena😞 it was a very distracted test and merl just wasn’t concentrating. We got a way better score than we deserved though, the judge was nice to us. It still wasnt great, but better than I thought we’d get…

second test was even worse… same sort of situation, but it was actually a different horse and I didn’t recognize this one so I’m not sure how he knew this horse? Anyway 2nd test was pretty ugly…

freestyle time… I was a bit concerned about this one as I had never actually ridden it with the music😧 I know! It was very last minute putting it all together. The music was a little off on the transition early on in the test, but nothing too bad. But then I forgot where I was going (yeah… I forget test even if they are called to me😔) but made up a few things and managed to end at the perfect time (with all the required movements done!) but other than that the music was off as I was doing unplanned transitions all over the place.

the next day was better… my first and second test all went relatively well. Then my freestyle was… well I thought I’d have a very tired horse but I had a very hyped up horse… we got through it. but not pretty.

so that was my weekend! And minimal pics (which is horrible!) but I am literally out!! And can’t take more as my phone is full☹️


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