All the times I’ve fallen off…😬

Hello! Today I’m going to tell you about all the times I’ve fallen off… I’ve fallen off 5 times in total. Actually I’ve fallen off WAY more than that… when me and my sister were little we used to ride our (very large) mini horse… we rarely got through a ride without one or both of us getting bucked off😶 lol. it happened so often that I did not keep track… but anyways

1. The first time I fell of was when I was… 8? I think it was my birthday… for my present my parents had leased me a horse, Zoey. She belonged to my riding instructor at the time. The first time I rode her it went OK while we were in the ring but then we went out for a small trail ride, and she bucked me off. Actually she started bucking and it freaked me out so I half jumped and half fell off… I rode her once around the ring after that and then never rode her again😐 my poor dad went there twice a week and lunged her for me to give he exercise 😬 I sorta think it was a good thing I didn’t keep riding her as, looking back, she was definitely too much horse for me.

2. This was the first time I fell off of rasty and it really wasn’t his fault. It was at a cross country clinic, and we were hopping up a bank out of water and he didn’t pick up his feet and stumbled. I just plopped off the shoulder😝

3. Merlin this time. This was a couple years ago at a dressage performance at my riding instructors place. We got to our lengthen stride in trot and he just took off bucking😜 I have it on video! It’s sort of sad though, as the bucking wasn’t all that bad…

4. Rasty again! This one is pretty funny… my riding instructor has a pond on her property that you can ride through in the summer. me and a friend were riding through with our horses bareback, just through the shallow end (only up to their knees) we decided to try going through the deep end (it’s not super deep just comes up to your boot normally) the horse she was riding, Velvet, went first and me and Rasty followed. It was fine until rasty stepped in a hole. Then he was nervous and jumpy, he wanted to get out. So as we approached the end of the pond he suddenly jumped sideways around velvet and bush whacked his way out. And left me in the pond.😒 it was a soft landing though. But actually really disgusted… I was covered in pond slime 🤢

5. My most recent fall was off of Tanta, one of my coaches horses that I ride. Well not right now as she’s having a foal in late June!!! But I’ve taken her to a couple events and she is awesome😍 anyway. She’d had about a week off as I’d been away. We were jumping… it was three cross poles, one stride apart. As we trotted into them she left out a stride on the takeoff. I was left behind the she landed bucked and overjumped the second then lander bucked overjumped again and at this point I’d lost my stirrups and reins. so when she landed bucking and stopped I just plopped off. Definitely not worth the $40 for my airvest to inflate. I don’t think I would have necessarily fallen if I hadn’t been left behind from the first jump? It was a very boring fall…

And that’s (luckily) it. Except for The falls off of Lilliput lol 🤣

hopefully that wasn’t too dull?


This beautiful black mare is tanta
Ginger and cookie!

It’s terrible, but I’m running low on new pics… my phone storage is full so I haven’t been able to get any and I’ve just been too busy to bother offloading it. So all these are quite old. But still cute!

Oh and also I’ve gotten back from another show on the weekend… our tests had some interesting parts… I’ll try and post about it soon!

4 thoughts on “All the times I’ve fallen off…😬

  1. HAHA the fall off Rasty into the pond was HILARIOUS!!!🤣 and you’re fall off Tanta was a bit of a disappointment…lol it happened so slow I had time to pick up my reins before you’re airvest went off…😆


    1. Yes, I was laughing so hard as I climbed out of the pond. then not so much when I realized how much pond slime I had on me…🙃 Good that you got your reins before both of us ended up on the ground! 😝lol


  2. I’m still really amused that you managed to fall of into the pond 😂😂😂 It sounds sort of gross, but… I’m assuming it wasn’t painful at least?


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