Getting show ready…

Hello! As you probably guessed by the title of this post, I’m  leaving for a horse show tomorrow.   And right now I’m avoiding packing my things... I’ve been doing all the usual pre-show preparations, Merlin had a bath.B7826C6F-0F6D-4AFD-AC49-9F8EFAB29593.jpeg


My tack has been cleaned* which it realllly needed…😶   I’ve packed all of Merlin’s  (and Rasty’s as he’s coming along to go to the vets😣)  stuff, although I’ve still to pack my own stuff… I haven’t had my show clothes out in a long while!** our trailer was parked at the end of our (long!) driveway so we had to make a couple of loads… because I didn’t feel like making a million trips our loads were rather odd…

*thanks to my sister!!
**i just realizing it’s been a reallllly long time?!


But it actually worked quite well.👍🏼

So I’d better go pack now..😒* I’ll try and have some pics uploaded from this weekend!🐴

*I don’t mind packing too much… it’s honestly the unpacking I dislike the most😝

As per usual, I’ll leave you with some pictures of our cute horses🤗





2 thoughts on “Getting show ready…

  1. Packing… 😖 I always procrastinate packing for waayyy too long. Although I agree, unpacking is worse.
    Hope you have a good trip, and we’ll have to get together again when you’re back!


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