Cross country clinic pictures…🦄

Well, I don’t have much to say today… 😜 but I do have some pictures from a cross country clinic that we went to last weekend😀I wasn’t riding, but my sister was.7B9D04D8-60E2-4AAB-9667-55220EA23E72DA89CD31-1FC4-4242-B959-6D7CA909BC1839A75B85-47D7-48E4-969F-239E25BC313C


The first three photos are of my sisters horse Ollie, and the last three are of my neighbors cute horsey 💚

and of course, some pics of Rasty🐴💙  (not from the clinic though) Ollie’s in the second one too!



3 thoughts on “Cross country clinic pictures…🦄

  1. Very sweet pony pics!
    Glad you enjoyed the cross country clinic; rumour has it that you were quite the helpful groom that weekend!
    Love ya 💕❤️


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