Happy birthday Fred and George Weasley! + I’m trying to make a dressage freestyle + Help!

Hi everyone! First I’m just going to say, Happy birthday Fred and George!! (turns out they’re turning 31* in case anyone was wondering…) Also, happy Easter🐰! And April fools day! 😆 now onto my freestyle….. lately I’ve been riding one of my riding instructors horses, Merlin.

*I think? There is a good possibility that my math is off…


And I’m going to take him in some dressage shows! So I need to put together a dressage freestyle… which I reallllllllly don’t like doing, I mean, how are you supposed to fit all those required movements into just five minutes?! I’ll make a really nicely proportioned flowy freestyle, then ride it and it’ll take twenty minutes!! Either that or I’ll make a goodish one then realize that I’ve got no left lead canter🙄 so yeah, don’t get me started on choosing music! There are soooo many songs out there, but it’s so hard to find a good one that matches your horses beats and you like?! Also you need three different songs! So please help me!!!! Do you know of any songs that you think could work in a dressage freestyle? If so I’d love to hear them!

Sorry that was a sort of whiny post….but I’ll put some Rasty pics to make up for it:)



Now I’m going back to work on my freestyle😑

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday Fred and George Weasley! + I’m trying to make a dressage freestyle + Help!

  1. 80’s music, lots of great 80’s tunes as possible freestyle choices (just use the instrumental versions) – ask your mom, she will have a list of favourite 80’s tunes!! ❤️💕🐴 You will make a great freestyle 😊


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