Rasty update…

Hi everyone! If you’ve read my Last post, you’ll know that Rasty has been having some soundness troubles 😕 our vet came out to look at him a couple days ago and confirmed what we thought; with the shoes on he looks a tad better than he did right before he got them BUT much worse than when we took him to the other vet (with the x-ray etc.) four weeks ago… so the injections didn’t work 😣 I guess we’ll be going back to the vet. Poor Rasty, he wasn’t himself for about a week after we took him in last time. (he wouldn’t even take treats from me for two whole days!!! Which is very un Rasty-like indeed)  They were really nice to him there it was just a realllllly long day for him (six hours in the trailer + six hours with the vets + a couple hours in an unfamiliar stall☹️) so I can’t really blame him😢 but hopefully it’ll make him feel better this time🙂 so there’s my Rasty update… now some better news lameness wise, our mini, Lilliput who has been on stall rest for a very loooooooong while due to a suspensory ligament is feeling much better! The combo of special glue on shoes and stall rest (and a diet!) have made a great improvement! She can now start getting more excersice, which she’ll like. Maybe she can even start pulling her cart soon!😄


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