Meet my horses!


Today I’m going to tell you a bit about my amazing horses!! Here are some pictures of Rasty;

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This is my horse Rasty! He is a 15 year old quarter horse Arabian. I’ve had him for almost four years now😄 he is a very skilled escape artist and has to have three locks on his stall door, or else he opens them and gets out. he then lets Oliver out as well and they play around….😝Rasty has been lame on his right front for the last 6 weeks, we’re not entirely sure what’s bothering him (he has no heat swelling etc.) we’ve had our vet look at him and she referred us to a different vet who has an x-ray machine. We went and saw the x-ray vet who did a bunch of nerve block, x-rays and an ultrasound. He thought it was in Rasty’s left stifle (they decided Rasty was lame on both his right front and his left hind…) so he gave Rasty a cortisone injection that would supposedly make him feel better.
The injection was also a nerve block so we could see if that was the right area. While we where waiting for the freezing to set in the vet left! To a forgotten doctors appointment!! So another vet (I’m not even sure if he was a vet?!) looked at Rasty, he was still lame on his left hind (and right front!) then this vet had to leave as well!!!! To go to the bank! But they told us another vet would be there in half an hour…..
when the third vet showed up he did more nerve blocks and x-rays and gave Rasty an injection in his right front coffin joint. He said to shoe Rasty on all fours and wait two weeks before deciding if the injection made a difference.
It’s been over 2 weeks and Rasty is if anything worse….. we just got him shod a couple days ago though, and he was supposed to get shoes over a week ago but we’ve been having troubles with farriers (his truck broke down) not sure if the shoes will help…. Rasty has always had great feet and never needed shoes. We’ll see I guess:/
Rasty is quite afraid of unusual hats and he loves carrots and his favourite Horse cookies (you can find the recipe for these cookies on my sisters blog by clicking the link above😊) when Rasty is sound we do mostly dressage but also trail riding and the occasional jumping:)



This is Oliver. he is technically my sisters….he is 12 years old and we think (not entirely sure as he was a PMU baby) he has some quarter horse and draft in him also Appaloosa because he has an eye like an Appaloosa! he loves loves LOVES jumping!!
He is very friendly and loves people and animals. He likes to follow our dog and cats around😝 he also loves Lilliput but unfortunately Lilliput is on stall rest right now so he can’t be in a paddock with her.
He is not always a fan of horse trailers, he is normally pretty good when we load him in at home but he doesn’t like loading to come home. I think he’s not sure if he’s coming home or going somewhere new again. He never wants to be left out of visiting someone and would definitely live in the house if he was allowed!



This is our mini Lilliput! She was me and my sister Maren’s first pony! We got Lilliput about 6 years ago
We leased her first from our old coach, then she was selling Lilliput (her and Lilliput never got along very well…) so we bought her😄 we used to Get bucked off ride Lilliput when we were little. She has a cart that she is learning to pull and she loves having a job! She can’t pull the cart at the moment as she is on stall rest because of a suspensory ligament but it seems to be getting better with the rest and special glue on shoes so hopefully it won’t be long till she can start with her cart again. Lilliput loves apples 🍎 and really, all treats! She is not afraid of much but she dislikes hoses. She also sometimes comes in the house😁 (Oliver is jealous!)

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