10 things you probably don’t know about me😄

Hello! I was having a hard time deciding what my first post should be about, but I finally decided to post 10 (totally random!) things you probably don’t know about me;

  1. I tend to hoard saddle pads……
  2. I once fell off my horse and landed in a pond😬
  3.  I used to be super afraid of horses (like I wouldn’t get out of the car if there were horses around, even if they were in stalls)
  4. I have a cat named cupcake who I got for Christmas 5 years ago when she was a kitten 😍
  5.  I HATE candy
  6.  My fav food is definitely chocolate 😋
  7. I love all things sparkly!!!
  8. I am terrified of moths! (They are terrifying ok?!?!) that way they flap at you with no sense of direction. Ugh 😟
  9.  I hate yogurt with lumps in it… I actually whisk my yogurt before I eat it😣 (I know, weird!!)
  10. I CANNOT read a hardcover book with the dust jacket on.

So… that was sort of random, but I’ll also put some pics of Rasty😍 (just because Rasty is soooo cute😉) also, there is a picture of cupcake in there too😁


Can anyone else relate to my fear of *shudder* moths? Or any fellow saddle pad hoarders?🦄

7 thoughts on “10 things you probably don’t know about me😄

    1. 😬I’m sorry!! I can’t help it!! I try to keep them neatly stacked but…sometimes they are disobedient. 🙃


  1. Great post, I love your descriptive list of 10! 🙂 But.
    Why – they are just like little butterflies! (Albeit furry, fat, frantic and often dull-coloured… ) hmmm I suppose I can understand how moths might freak one out 😊😆


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